I Dream of Tiny Houses…

And now that dream is coming true.

Sort of.

Honestly, I’m completely kidding. Gil and I signed a contract on a house in Savannah. It’s 1500 square feet but a significant downsize for us. I’m sincerely jazzed.

Gil…is a builder. He grew up with a dad who was a builder. He’s always been the bigger is better type. I…am not.

I’ve been preaching minimalism for years, but frankly now that we’re headed in that direction, I’m flat-out terrified. Well, that’s too strong of a word.

I’m nervous. Can we do it? Can we really create a functional space like the one I’ve been dreaming up in my head?

I really just want to move into an Ikea catalog.

Forget all that messy life stuff.

Too bad our family consists of four people who have big personalities and plenty of junk to go with them.

It will be fine. Really, I’m excited. Less stuff, more life.

Did I mention we have less than a month to do this?


It will be great.

Oh, and please read this about tiny houses and be prepared to laugh your head off.

12 thoughts on “I Dream of Tiny Houses…

  1. I bet the change will feel good! Simplicity. One of my favorite songs that reminds me of this is “Simple Life” by The Weepies. Plus I love Savannah! Made it my home! Warm welcome when you get here…or if you already made it!

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    • Thanks! I’ll have to check out that song. I agree that the change will be nice. I love Savannah, too. My husband has been working there and commuting over an hour each way, so we’re beyond excited. It’s one of those places that every time I’m there, it just feels like where I’m supposed to be. Loved the quick peek I had at your blog and I look forward to reading more. Oh…and we’ll be moving in the next few weeks. Thank you for the warm welcome — another reason I love Savannah — the people! 🙂


  2. I clicked through to the tiny house article and as you predicted, laughed my head off. Internally, that is. My kids would be hovering over my shoulder demanding to read, too, if they heard me.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind a tiny house IF I lived by myself. I’d feel rather like Thoreau, escaping the quiet desperation in which most of us reside in our (ultra large) houses. But I couldn’t do it with hubby and kids and their stuff. Gosh, I wish I could get rid of most of my stuff! I try, but it’s hard to dump out memorabilia.

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    • I understand completely. I joke around that if we went the tiny-house route (which my husband would NEVER go for), we’d need three — one for the kids, one for me and one for Gil. Guess that defeats the purpose. I am excited about a smaller place. I’m also afraid; my inner introvert is already itching for space.

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  3. Just let it go. As you know, I’m a purger. Nothing makes me feel better than a clean closet and 3 or 4 lawn and leaf bags, filled to capacity and headed for the Salvation Army. If you haven’t thought about it in a year and it’s not a family heirloom, let it go.

    You’ll figure it out. I’m jealous of how close to the beach you’ll be!



  4. Personally I’m in awe of the tiny house people and would certainly consider it. I’ve moved from a 3,000 square foot house into an approximately 1200 square foot townhouse and love it. No excess crap, no clutter, just the right amount of furniture and people. Perfect. (:

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    • That’s encouraging! I’m looking forward to moving. But, I’ve spent a lot of this weekend feeling beyond overwhelmed thinking of all the stuff that must go. Stay tuned…


  5. As a person who is currently cleaning and throwing stuff away I admire you. But I would die in 1500 square feet. But then again maybe it is the smartest move you could make. It would mean less stuff to clean. That would be heaven. But in my world it would just mean more opportunities for me to completely lose my mind and in turn run away from home. My family finds ways to make this 3100 square foot house we live in messy. I cringe to think of what they would do to a house half the size. But hey, I am nothing if not open minded. Let me know how it works out for you. I need an update not only on the stuff aspect but the people aspect. How will you guys fair being all up on each other? LOL. I need details because I sure would like to save money by living in a smaller house.


    • Lol! Well, I’m losing my mind a little today and second guessing my decision. Our house now is 2200 sf with another 2000 unfinished, or rather half finished basement. I suspect that I’ll be itching for more space soon. We were kind of limited because we needed a certain school district & I just can not handle a house that needs a lot of work. Gil LOVES projects. I detest them, especially since he leaves a trail of sawdust & filth in his wake. Goodness, I am so irritable today. We haven’t sold or rented our current house so we’ll be storing stuff in the basement temporarily. I’ll keep you posted. I feel lots of moving rants coming on.


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