I Have No Idea How to Operate a Blog

Okay, now frustration is setting in. I’m writing from my IPad, and the battery died in the middle of a post, so I think it was deleted. I believe it will come back, but I have no way to be sure, so I’ll attempt to give you the highlights.

1 – I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember.

2 – Gil thinks it’s crazy that I write down my random thoughts on whatever is available – hand, child, countertop, etc.

3 – I think it’s freaky that he does calculations in his head – and in my previous post, I described in great detail the day I discovered this about him.

4 – I’m learning all about this blog thing in the hopes that my writing will become more regular and structured AND I need an outlet.

5 – I recently quit all my ADHD drugs, so I have to write for sanity – these thoughts have to go somewhere or I’ll go insane.

6 – I have no idea how to add links, pictures or anything remotely exciting – there’s a Goodreads thing (that’s the only word I know to use when it comes to blog talk, cause I know nothing about it) but I don’t think it’s on here correctly. I have some books on blogging and I promise to learn and hopefully get better. Please forgive my screw-ups — they’re frequent in most areas these days – blog messes are no different than the rest of my life.

7 – I plan to edit as little as possible while learning my way around this blog, so there will be plenty of errors – I seriously struggle with perfectionism – so, I write and post – if I edited, nothing would EVER get posted.

8 – No one knows about this blog except for husband – I need to be able to be candid, and until (if ever) I’m ready, I need to keep my true identity to myself – I will not use my real name or real names of anyone I discuss. This will help me to be more honest with my story. Of course, I know how the internet works – not that difficult to be found out, so I take that risk.

This will have to be continued. My family is on the deck screaming for towels.