A Little Love from Wallace (and me)

I’ve been working on a post that is just not working, so for now I’ve abandoned it altogether.

It’s been a week.  The following was a high point.  Enjoy!


I’m in the kitchen making dinner when Wallace, the five-year-old appears with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Wallace:  “Mom, could you cut out a heart.”

I do as I’m told and hand it to him.  He disappears.  A few minutes later he returns with the heart and a red crayon.

Wallace:  “Can you write, ‘I love Vivi’?” (that’s me, though I’m usually “Mom” to him)

Once again, I follow his directions and return the crayon and heart.  He’s focused so I resist the urge to grab him and soak up his preciousness.

A few minutes later I see him at the dining room table and he’s trying to cram the heart into a much-too-small envelope.  He sees me and quickly puts the heart behind his back.

Wallace:  “No peeking!!”

I convince him that I didn’t see a thing and go back to making dinner.  

Seconds later he appears in the kitchen with his hands behind his back.

Wallace:  “Here, Mommy.  I brought you a surprise!!”

Naturally when he presents the heart (he abandoned the envelope) I enlist my award-winning acting skills and act completely astounded and delighted as if I never knew this was coming.  I’m great at this stuff.  I went on and on about how thoughtful he was and how much I loved it.

Wallace:  “Whew….I sure am glad you like it.  I’ve been working on it ALL afternoon!”


When they’re grown and gone I won’t remember all the things they peed on. These are the moments I’ll remember, and I’ll miss them so very much.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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