His Happy Place

I haven’t written much about everything we’re going through with Piers, mostly because it’s taking all of my energy to simply plow through it.

Things are better and for that I’m grateful.

I took this photo over Easter weekend and it makes me smile every time I see it.

I can’t begin to describe the love I feel for my tenacious first-born. He’s tender, smart, perceptive, sensitive, loving and complicated. I’m a better person because of him and as challenging as he can be, I’m thankful every day that I get to be his mother.

The ocean calms him. We’re alike in this way. I’ve always felt the most peaceful at the beach, though maybe it’s water in general. Mamala loves to tell horror stories of my own infancy. Apparently I screamed most of my first year of life, but once she and my dad learned to put me in the bathtub at the height of the screaming, things became more manageable.

Piers is the same way.

As summer approaches, I’m looking forward to many more beach days.

His Happy Place

10 thoughts on “His Happy Place

  1. I’m looking forward to summer too! We just came through a very trying (and by that I mean very COLD and punishing) winter here…summer has always been my fave season, where I live. It’s the season where I used to visit my grandparents, so it’s always full of heat, humidity and love for me, and a certain special smell that I can’t describe. Kind of like the beach. Beaches have a special smell too.


    • Yes — it’s funny you mention special smells. I have a very acute smell memory. I can close my eyes and recall so many smells, my elementary school for instance. It’s bizarre. We’re in GA, so the climate is mild compared to other places, but this winter was long and unseasonably cold, and I am very much looking forward to summer.


  2. I can relate to your boy. I don’t think I have ever felt more at peace and at home than when I am in the ocean.

    Beautiful picture. Just looking at it, I can feel his peace and his calm.


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