What I Will Teach My Boys


Love this article — an important topic and one I am crazy passionate about.

I hate to be that parent who says what she’s going to do when the reality is often very different once we’re in the throws of things. My absolutes are so different these days. I remember saying my kids will never sleep in my bed. Scratch. They do…frequently. Probably the biggest — my kids will never act like that. Well, they are kids. They act up and yes, it’s embarrassing, but they’re learning and we’re hoping they’ll continue becoming more civilized.

So… I won’t tell you that my sons will never rape, but I promise you I will talk to them until I’m blue in the face and will do my VERY best to take this woman’s advice and teach them well. In a culture that still does its fair share of victim blaming and lets men off the hook for raping, we all need to be talking about this with our sons.

Please know that I realize that all men don’t do this, but it is vitally important that we help our children thoroughly understand the definition of consent.

Please read this article. I have so much more to say, but y’all, it’s been a day and I’m scooting off to dreamland. I promise to write more about this important topic soon.