We Need Nets!!!

I love Glennon. Sometimes I think we were twins separated at birth. Please check out this post.


6 thoughts on “We Need Nets!!!

  1. I’ve been following Glennon’s blog for a year now, and she is definitely an awesome writer. I also want to say, I love how you write about grief and therapy, etc. There needs to be more of that out there rather than all the “I’m happy, my life is amazing” blogs I tend to see.

    In answer to your previous post, I am on my third therapist. I always have way too many things I want to talk about than time allows, but I think in the end I prioritize talking about whatever is making me “stuck.” Sometimes I know what situation/person/thing is making me stuck, and sometimes I don’t. As long as a therapist can help me formulate a plan to get moving again, then it’s worth what I’m paying them. Just my opinion.



    • Thank you SO much for such a nice comment! I agree that we need more genuine/authentic writing. I try to do that, and I have to tell you, it’s wonderful to hear that it touches someone — especially because lately, this blog IS my therapy and I worry that it comes across as too whiney and self-absorbed.

      I love your advice on therapy. I honestly think having a two year break has been good for me. I’m looking forward to going back with better focus. Hopefully, I’ll be able to better prioritize my issues. I think you’re right about talking about what’s making you stuck.

      Thanks again for reading. I look forward to checking out your blog.


    • Yes. I feel like I do okay with this. I’m fairly extroverted and it’s not that hard for me to reach out, but I can’t begin to tell you how often my friends tell me they are crumbling and worse, they feel so alone. Nets, that’s my word of the week. Now I need to figure out how to make that happen in my own community. The idea is great — the execution, a little more challenging. 🙂


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