What’s Going Well Wednesday

Last week I decided to begin devoting a Wednesday post to the good, or rather something positive — ya know…to balance out all the griping I do. #WGWW

Join me. Leave a comment here or write your own post and link back to my blog.

No pressure. I felt the need to personally make a conscious effort to remind myself of all the loveliness in the world because frankly, things have been challenging of late.

This is evolving but I’m excited to see what becomes of these Wednesday happies.

The biggie for me this week was watching the confederate flag come down in front of the SC capitol building. Many of my fellow southerners disagree, but IMO, this is huge in moving towards a more loving, less hate-filled nation.  I might be drumming up a lot of controversy by writing about this. If you do disagree, I encourage you to talk to people whose ancestors were slaves. The flag is painful for them. And while many southerners see it as heritage and tradition, it has no place in front of a government building.

Moving on… I’ve done my best to jot down some good things every night before bed. Here’s some randomness from my notebook. I’ll try to edit these later. My computer is having issues so I’m thankful for my phone (like the positive spin I put on that? Yo, it’s Wednesday!)


Talk to me!  What’s going well for you?

12 thoughts on “What’s Going Well Wednesday

  1. I thought I was subscribed to your blog but the notices aren’t popping up in my email… Anyway, over the last few years I’ve made a huge effort to be more positive and grateful and it’s paying off. I had a pretty shitty day yesterday (comedy of errors resulting in that a friend and I didn’t meet up as planned) but at least I was able to buy a bathing suit at 70% off while I was waiting for him. Silver linings and all of that. (:

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    • Good for you for making the effort, and I agree it does make a difference! I’ve had the same thing happen with several of my favorite blogs — must be a WP glitch. Glad you found me. I haven’t been getting notices from you either. I need to check on that. Hope you’ve mostly recovered from your shitty day. Cheers to a better tomorrow!


  2. Love the focus on what’s good! Here’s to it growing under that lava lamp of love:). I’m happy about my son turning 11, dating a wonderful man and a closet that is cleaned out of excess/life baggage for the first time in several years. It’s all good!

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    • Aww, thanks! It was the wonky, sideways notebook scribbles that did for you, wasn’t it? Since today is S.H.I.T. day, I gotta tell you — I know I need to straighten out the pictures on this post, but I have NO patience for it at the moment…whatsoevah!!!


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  4. I love your idea of doing WGWW. It’s so beautiful & moving to see the pics of your handwriting noting the good events in your family’s lives! :)))

    I think it’s WONDERFUL the flag came down, and you are awesome to write about it!!!!!

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