What’s Going Well Wednesday

It’s busy around here, y’all, so this will be brief. 

The kids and I went to our local water park yesterday around 4, but they closed early due to a problem with their weather detecting system. 

We were hot and irritable but decided to stop at the nearby playground anyway. 

I’m glad we did. 

I watched my active boys maneuver the climbing apparatus with ease and thought about the passage of time — so many memories here.

When Piers was four, he slipped on the slide and bit through his bottom lip — our first ER visit. 

I looked over at a nearby pavilion and remembered attending Piers’ classmate’s birthday party. Wallace was having a day and hit his limit just as the piñata smashing began. I had to wrestle him into the stroller as he screamed. He conked out after our third lap around the turtle pond, and once the party ended I vowed to never leave the house again. 

Yesterday we ventured over to the pond once again — no strollers and no screaming.  Just a pleasant walk on sweltering day. 

Same kids, same bridge, same pond, fresh perspective. 

What’s going well for you this week? 

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