Happy Days — My House Will Be Clean in Four Hours!

I hired a housekeeper last week.

She’ll be arriving to tame my filth in less than 45 minutes.

Is there anything more humbling than having a gaggle of professionals who chose that profession because they like to clean, wade through your family’s funk?

I’d rather have a pap smear.

It didn’t help that one of my uber-organized friends texted me this morning to “check in” and when I responded to her “How are things going?” with “They’ll be a helluva lot better at 2 after the cleaning crew performs miracles.”, she replied with,

“You get your house cleaned more than anyone I know.”

EXCUSE ME, WHAT?!?!?!?!?

I love this woman, but I could have retorted with multiple sarcastic responses, but I chose the high road to not engage. Hello, Ms. ‘I go to three different salons for cut, color, and straightening.’ Forgive me if my limited “fun” budget is reserved to tame the grimy.

And I haven’t had my house cleaned since the middle of the summer, thank you very much. I’d hardly say I have my house cleaned often.

Yes, I’m justifying and YES, hiring professional help to do something I feel I SHOULD be able to get a handle on myself brings up a multitude of emotions, but I’ve been driving LaWanda Honda, my faithful Accord for entirely too long, and it would make more sense to save my housekeeping money for a more reliable automobile, but having a clean home to me is right up there with peace like a river, so stick it, dear high school friend. You lived with me. You KNOW my challenges in this department. Leave me be and allow me the joy of Pine Sol Mrs. Meyer’s Aromatherapeutic Basil-Scented Everyday Cleaner.

Having my house professionally cleaned is my guilty pleasure of the moment, and frankly, I only feel a little guilty.

What about you? What do you pay to have done that you COULD do yourself but really don’t want to?




21 thoughts on “Happy Days — My House Will Be Clean in Four Hours!

  1. Hey, if it helps you have peace of mind, go for it.

    Personally, I guess I could change the oil in the car (as could my husband) but we pay someone to do it. Ditto for cutting my hair, though that happens only about 2-3 times a year. And ditto for schooling my kids. Certainly, I’m qualified to teach my own children, but it’s better for everyone involved (especially my brain health) to pay the private school to do the formal education.

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  2. If I don’t do it it waits for 3 days until someone realizes it isn’t being done, she nags the kids about it until I get sick of hearing excuses for why the kids haven’t done it, and do it myself. Ran the dishwasher last night, felt pretty good, washed the non-dishwasher dishes by hand this morning. I’ll vacuum the stairs tonight. And if I have the energy, I’ll mop the bathroom floor. Apparently, I’m the housekeeper and I don’t have the 2 1/2 Men “Berta Option.” If I had the money, the housekeeper army would definitely be called in.

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  3. Best money I ever spent! You are not just buying a clean house, you are buying peace and sense of well-being. Freedom to do what you value instead of what you dread, or at least freedom from the guilt of it not being done. And, they are SOOOO much better at it than we are!


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  4. When I had a roommate, we had a cleaning service once a month. They did all the things we didn’t want to do and all we had to do was maintain and keep it picked up. Coming home from work on the days the “cleaning fairy” came was just about my favorite day every month. So, I say, ignore anyone who says it’s a luxury. It’s sometimes a necessity and way cheaper than a lawyer when you kill someone for not picking up after himself. lol

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  5. I recently hired a cleaning service to come about every three weeks. In between I maintain which is so much easier starting with a clean house. It is worth the money as it frees me to work, write, connect with family & friends, and tackle bigger household projects such as cleaning out closets. So, I say, enjoy. Your mental health is worth it.

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    • Isn’t it amazing how much easier it is to maintain when the deep cleaning has been taken care of? And I agree that one’s mental health is worth it — I for one, am more emotionally balanced when my house is clean. 🙂

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