Enough With the Requests, Children

Now that my precious, darling angels have returned to school, I am actually able to remember how much I truly adore them.

I’m no longer being the end-of-summer mom who survives by locking herself in the bedroom while the kids binge out on Netflix and whatever they can find in the fridge that always seems to need restocking.

Hopefully, I can get back to posting here at least once or twice a week, but until then I’ll do my best to share older posts or posts I’ve published elsewhere.

Confession: Half the reason I write at all is so I can have written documentation to remind me how far I’ve come.

I thought I was gonna lose my ever-loving fashizzle a large part of the summer, but now that I’m getting adequate time to write and stare into space, I’m feeling remarkably better. When I read the post I’m about to share, I laughed and felt strangely nostalgic for lazy summer days that we all know are often anything but. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

And for those of you still knee-deep in summer, I’m proof that there is light. Check out this post from when I was drowning in togetherness. Sad but true:

Enough With the Requests, Children!

How are things in your world? Do tell!


10 thoughts on “Enough With the Requests, Children

  1. p.s. again I’m sorry for the typos. I keep making them in part because I’m using my phone and speaking my comments instead of writing them, because we’re still in Tahoe without internet access.

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    • I’m giggling because I always apologize for typos so it’s something you and I have in common. (The apologizing, not the making of them. Let’s blame it all on modern technology!) I am chronically making typos lately. Ahhhh. My own hurt my eyes, but strangely, other people’s don’t phase me and I honestly think I have an uncanny ability to autocorrect them in my head. Thanks for the awesome comments!! When I get to my computer I’ll respond. I’m far behind. πŸ˜€

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  2. School starts this Monday and I have mixed feelings about it! This summer more than anyone before it went by far too quickly, perhaps because I’m the most stable I have ever been since my children were born. Great post as always, my lovely friend! I love them all…

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    • Thank you. It makes me so happy to hear that this has been a good summer for you. I am thrilled that you are stable and I can sense in your writing that you’re getting stronger every day. Sending happy thoughts to you and your family as the girls go back to school. Xoxo

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  3. Sounds like the school routine is healthy for you. Sadly, while my kids binged on Netflix and my food, and their electronic devices, I had to go to work to pay for all that. Can I have a couple months off every year for 18 years to eat ice cream and ride my bike and read for leisure and watch Netflix and write my novel and clean my house? I’d still have a full schedule.~ DM

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    • I know, right?! I seriously think I would have made a good lifelong kid. I’m constantly adjusting my schedule. I busted it leading up to summer with the grand idea that less work would mean loads of quality time with my children. Reality was slightly different. I’m back to the grind and strangely, I’m loving being back at work. Hope the week is treating you well.


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