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How’s your weekend going?

This should be a followup to the PTA dilemma I shared months ago.

I am not heading up any committee, but I am preparing food for the monthly faculty meetings along with another parent.

Next week is the big week for December so I’m getting  ready to go to town on a veggie tray and some peppermint bark.

It’s colder here than usual, but I can’t suppress my giggles when we get notes home ensuring our kids bring clothes to protect them from the elements. Um…this is Georgia.

Still…I appreciate the gesture and my kids relish any opportunity to deck out in their winter-wear.

These are some shots I snapped before school on Friday that made me smile.


Hope you’re all staying warm and enjoying the weekend. I just talked to a friend in Minnesota and they have low low temps and lots of snow.

The clutter clearing is still in full swing. I’ll have an update soon.

Happy Sunday. How are you?

4 thoughts on “Find the Happy

  1. Fantastic pictures!!!
    These photos capture their liveliness and “spark” – great hats, by the way!
    I’m glad you’re not heading up a committee, yet you’re still helping out significantly by contributing food to the monthly faculty meetings. That’s no small potatoes! 😉

    I’m also quite impressed you’re keeping up with the clutter clearing endeavor.
    Can you come clear my house’s clutter too?
    Your big fan,

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    • Thank you! It was a good day and these pictures made me laugh. They definitely capture their liveliness and spark! I’ve cleared clutter but it keeps reappearing. WTH? Still…I’m plugging along. I’ll have to catch up over at your blog soon. 🙂

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