Speaking Pain in Hopes of Alleviating Some

I'm gradually coming down from an emotionally demanding week. I could sugar-coat it. Explain my pain away and remind everyone that I KNOW things could be worse -- THEY ABSOLUTELY COULD BE WORSE. But sometimes I think people like myself spend too much time stuffing away pain, feeling like everyone else's stuff is more worthy … Continue reading Speaking Pain in Hopes of Alleviating Some

Printout for Low Days

http://eponis.tumblr.com/post/113798088670/everything-is-awful-and-im-not-okay-questions-t Anyone who has ever suffered through depression knows that basic tasks can seem unmanageable. The link above can be saved and printed and serves as a much-needed reminder that there are seemingly little things that can make a difference in our mood. I'm saving this. What rituals do you rely on to pull you … Continue reading Printout for Low Days