A Snippet of Joy – #WGWW

***Updated since yesterday’s original post***

The weather has been a bit wonky here, and I spent much of yesterday fighting with my WiFi. I finally gave up and uploaded pics from the mobile WordPress app on my phone and called it a night. Now I’m having trouble editing (reducing the size) of the pictures. Anyway, the following words are what I wrote before the Internet issues:

I have so much to share with you guys, but I decided to do a quick What’s Going Well Wednesday post since I missed last week. I’ll elaborate on other stuff in an additional post. It might happen today…and it might happen later.

Absolutes stress me out, and I feel like I spend ridiculous amounts of productive, creative energy meeting deadlines and following rules that I neither understand nor give much of a damn about, if I’m being completely honest.

I’m grateful for this blog and for the amazing people I meet in this writing community. This is a much-needed outlet for me and I appreciate the flexibility that it provides.

On that note, I am humbled and thankful to those of you who continue reading despite the unpredictable nature of my little nook on the Internet.

Tell me about your week. What’s going well? What’s making you want to punch people?


6 thoughts on “A Snippet of Joy – #WGWW

  1. It’s nice to hear from you, as always.
    I too have been a stranger to mine. But they say no news is good news, so here’s to you wishing more lovely days.


  2. I promised I wouldn’t whine much, right?

    I’m grateful my two girls are healthy, especially since cold season has begun!
    I’m grateful that it has been almost one week since I stopped taking Seroquel & I haven’t grown another head, or started speaking in tongues
    I’m grateful my husband came to my rescue and took the girls to school three days in a row while I coughed and blew my nose ad nauseous
    I’m grateful I could snuggle with my clean dog. I washed Lucy just when I knew I was coming down with the wicked bug! She has been a fluffy comfort this past week and once I could smell again she was oh-so-fresh!

    Looking forward to reading the latest from you!!!!!!!!!
    and one more for good measure: !

    Lady Dy

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