WGWW# — In a Slightly Tardy Fashion

I should re-name What’s Going Well Wednesday and call it What’s Going Well Whenever the Hell I Wanna Tell You ‘Cause This is My Blog and Sometimes I Like Channeling My Inner Two-Year-Old. But I suppose that’s a tad lengthy…

We moved this summer.. We actually closed on our house two days AFTER my children started their new school. It has all worked out, but there were multiple hellish parts and we’re still enduring a few.

My friend sent me the following link to this glorious blog post this morning, and it pretty much rocked my world. The writer captures SO many of my own summer struggles — self-help books and all. The audio version of The Conscious Parent by psychologist Shefali Tsabary, PhD, has been playing on repeat for most of the season.

Sometime in mid-July, my friend Ani and I were discussing our waning aspirations for the perfect summer. Mine pretty much could be summed up with this:

First week of summer vacation: take kids to library and let them check out every book available on ships, especially the Titanic, since that’s been Piers’ most recent obsession. Have family reading time daily — they read to me; I read to them; we all read our book of choice together. Doesn’t that sound cozy?

Last week of summer vacation as we prepare to move in less than a week: lock myself in my bedroom to pack and after only a slight hesitation, decide that the three-hour movie Titanic is perfectly acceptable for a six and seven year-old. And when that’s done, kids, feel free to watch Batman Forever on repeat. Just please don’t knock on this door unless someone is bleeding…

Happy weekend, my friends!

What’s going well for you this week?

The previously mentioned post was certainly a highlight for me. Here’s the link again — check it out. I can’t wait to devour the rest of this woman’s writing.