What’s going well for you today? 

What’s Going Well Wednesday

5 thoughts on “What’s Going Well Wednesday

  1. I was able to write a blog post, despite taking care of a sick child home from school with snot nose/sore throat ickiness, & having the gloom of Don’s death hovering about….
    writing always makes me feel better, well – almost! 😉


    off to work out because I have to even if it’s 100 degrees here – our house actually stays kind of cool year-round. Great during heat waves, not-so-great next month!

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      • Thanks my dear. To be honest, this isn’t as if it’s my brother or Mom or immediate family member THANK YOU GOD – but it’s very hard to see my husband grieving and to have that grief take over this household….I’m deeply thankful he hasn’t fallen apart like yours truly has been known to do.


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