Was Procreating In My Best Interest? And a Lovely Link


I LOVE this so much I can’t say enough… This is a slight deviation from WGWW, but I’m a big believer in real.

That lovely picture of my precious children on that beautiful beach in my earlier post was a direct result of the behavior wise Glennon describes in the link above.

Yesterday, I felt like I COULD NOT RETAIN A SHRED OF SANITY IN THE HOUSE WITH THEM FOR ONE MORE SECOND. . . so we went to the beach.

The love I feel for these little people is beyond anything I ever imagined.

It’s also the hardest, most exhausting, please-don’t-let-me-botch-this-up work I’ve ever done.

Have I ever told you guys about the night in our pre-kid life where Gil and I lay in bed telling each other all the off-the-wall, wacky, sometimes illegal stuff we did growing up?

Bizarre stuff like climbing on the roof to play my flute for the hell of it when I was thirteenish. Or deciding I would build a lagoon oasis in our backyard. Climbing in the ceiling of the girls’ bathroom when I was in the eighth grade. I mean, was it really wise for me to procreate?

And Gil…I just can’t even…

Premeditated theft of Nintindo games from Walmart that included scoping out the security cameras and sliding the games into a $1 jigsaw puzzle and then paying for the puzzle. And getting away with it multiple times. Then feeling so guilty that he buried the games in his backyard and made a promise to God that he’d never do anything of that sort again…

The conversation began during a time we were actively contemplating having children. I’ll never forget the next morning over coffee our mutual agreement… “We should definitely wait a few years…”

So I guess for me I know that in the moment, as Glennon says — It’s not me, it’s them — but sometimes it’s a tough pill to swallow knowing that I put down that genetic foundation, and guiding them is like trying my damnedest to guide my younger self. Deep breaths…

Here’s the link again. Go read it. You’ll laugh.


9 thoughts on “Was Procreating In My Best Interest? And a Lovely Link

  1. I think we’ve all done some pretty out there stuff and I’m sure my lad will too. I just hope he comes out of it all OK and I don’t hear about it šŸ™‚


  2. I honestly love YOUR writing style/content MORE THAN GLENNON’s!
    Don’t get me wrong – she’s incredible. I’ve read some astounding writing of hers, although I haven’t bought the book.
    Don’t feel bad that I wrote that – she’s ginormously famous, yes? So she won’t be hurt!
    Lady D


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