What’s Going Well Wednesday

What’s going well for you this week?

14 thoughts on “What’s Going Well Wednesday

  1. I’m working on a room in my house that’s just for me. One of the twins’ room is now a Mom Den. I’m painting it this weekend and will make curtains and I’m so excited I can’t stand it!!!

    I’m taking before and after’s to post on my blog. 😉

    That’s what’s going well for me my friend!


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  3. Love the photos!!!!

    Um, we’re not having the best week as my husband’s brother is in Hospice – he’s not even 60 & has three grown children and a wife he met in high school. 😦 I know you asked us about the good stuff, but that kind of thing colors everything, which I know you understand.

    I’m appreciating my relatively good health, the beautiful weather, my children and of course our collie Miss Lucy!

    Sending you love and I admire you soon much for making that move to exciting, new digs.
    you rock!!!!!!

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    • Oh, Dyane! I am so sorry about your husband’s brother. And of course I understand — that’s heartbreaking. Sending peaceful thoughts and comfort to you and your family. Wish I had something more helpful to say, but as you know sometimes there’s not and things just plain stink. Lots of love to you, friend. Xoxoxo

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