My Friends Keep Me Smiling — WGWW

What’s Going Well Wednesday, friends?

The following are a few recent quotes from some of my pals that gave me pause.

~~~ I told my friend Steph that I need to join a local writing group. Her response:

“I’d just as soon show my vagina to the clerk at Publix than let people read my writing.”

~~~ My florist friend, sharing her frustration working with entitled, moron patrons (my name for these nitwits — she’s too kind to call them that):

“I’m so stinking sorry that you hate sunflowers, Sweetie! What can I do for you now that your life is in shambles?” — This particular moron paid $25 for a house bouquet and told my friend to ‘work her magic.’ Evidently, she “loathes” sunflowers. Who knew?

~~~ Last week I had this realization that I do this odd thing and have since early childhood where I associate days of the week with certain colors. I asked my freshman-year roommate who’s starting her seventeenth year teaching public school kindergarten if she does this, too. Here’s what she said:

“Nah, but I definitely make associations with different days — Monday – hell, Tuesday – hellish, Wednesday – kinda hell, Thursday – almost outta hell, Friday – no more hell, Saturday – WOO HOO!, Sunday – close to hell.”

Please send the teachers in your life some love. Her response cracked me up and broke my heart at the same time. She’s one of the kindest, most caring and compassionate souls I know and an amazing teacher. She loves the kids but hates the beuracracy and mounting pressure in recent years.

~~~ And finally — not a quote, but I received a random package from a friend after we briefly discussed our mutual affection for Flannery O’Conner. It was a photocopy of her favorite O’Conner short story — Parker’s Back, along with a copy of a relevant article from The New Yorker that she thought I’d enjoy. It was one of the most thoughtful gestures imaginable for a word-nerd like me.

I’m so thankful for good friends. It’s these brief but meaningful interactions whether by text, phone or snail-mail that make ordinary days extraordinary.

What’s going well for you this week?

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