I Want to Hibernate and Read

I just ran across this list. Check it out. http://www.buzzfeed.com/sarahgalo/books-every-college-grad-needs-to-read?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpgp#4ldqpgp How many of these have you read? Which ones spark your interest? Happy Weekend! Gil, Piers, Wallace and I are heading to my cousin's wedding in Atlanta, and as is the family custom, it's going to be entertaining. I miss all my blogging pals. I'll … Continue reading I Want to Hibernate and Read

Can We Take It Down a Notch On Social Media?

http://elitedaily.com/life/10-things-that-the-people-who-love-their-lives-are-doing-differently/598934/ Hope you all are well. We're knee-deep in getting-out-of-school mode, so things are busy. Good busy, but my already limited organizational skills are being stretched to capacity. I was feeling slightly stressed this morning, but then I came across the above article, and it gave me some peace. It's so easy to get caught … Continue reading Can We Take It Down a Notch On Social Media?