Day 1 — Back on Meds

After a particularly scattered few weeks, I was able to get the receptionist to squeeze me in to my doctor’s office this morning at 9:00 sharp. Betty, the nurse practitioner, who I adore took one look at me and my chart, sat down and put her hand on my jumpy knee to steady it.

“Your ADD is not going anywhere, but it can be managed. Let’s get you some meds and life will become much more manageable.”

OH MY LORD!!! If it were only that easy. Maybe what I need to do over the next few weeks is chart my med schedule along with my lifestyle habits. This would require me to blog for thirty days straight. Surely I can do that. It will be good accountability for me and provide a log that I can refer back to.

Betty prescribed Strattera and AdderallXR. This is the cocktail that worked best for me when I was in college. I’ve tried out some other meds, and I’m coming off of a six-month medication sabbatical. There’s no time like the present to set up some structure. She wants to work me up to 60mg Strattera and 15mg AdderallXR. I’m ready to make some changes.


10:00am: 25 mg Strattera
11:00: Simply Right Energy Shot

I have to take my prescription by the pharmacy, so I probably won’t take the AdderallXR until tomorrow — hence, my reason for the energy shot.

Hopefully, logging all this will become easier as my focus gradually improves. It will take me a few days to get into a rhythm, and I can’t promise that my posts will be concise and orderly, but I’ll do my best to provide updates.

I also want to continue my yoga classes. In the past, it seems that life becomes more manageable on meds and I tend to neglect important lifestyle habits as I become more productive. Diet, exercise, and stress-management are critical, and I’m going to do my best to prioritize these habits as well.

My goal is to do two yoga classes a week minimum — either at home or at our local studio. I’m a super-active person, so I’m hesitant to set other exercise goals — since I once struggled with exercise addiction, I have to strive for balance. I’ll continue to be active and I’ll chart my structured work-outs, whatever they may be. I think that’s good for now.

Hopefully once the meds kick in, my attention span will improve and allow me to improve my blogging skills. As always, I have to embrace the journey — no more striving for perfection. Come along for the ride, and I’d love to hear strategies from others who manage ADD/ADHD.

What tips do you have for managing ADD/ADHD symptoms?

5 thoughts on “Day 1 — Back on Meds

  1. I have ADD / ADHD, and I sometimes pretend like I’ve just taken Adderall (I have stopped for the last few months). I pretend like I’m really happy and focused and have no worries and focus on that feeling. Eventually, many times I do this, it leads to being productive and focused. Coffee or caffeinated tea also helps as an Adderall emulator. You just have to latch on to that feeling and forget you have ADD, which is hard.


    • Good ideas — thanks. I agree with that mind over matter approach. Adderall works well for me, but at times, I feel horrible when it wears off. I’m more emotionally even when I don’t take it at all. In the past, the Strattera has balanced the negatives out. I’ve just come to a place where I know I’ll have to take breaks from medication. I’m also at a point where I truly understand that there are times that meds are essential to my overall well-being — that’s the state I’m in now. All the best to you, friend.


  2. While I don’t have ADD/ADHD, my gs does, son is bipolar, and I am clinically depressed, so I know meds, and their lack. As for gs, we are trying to give him calming teas and tinctures to help him focus, but so far haven’t found a tea he likes. I’m hopeful that we will come up with something. His lack of focus and self control gets him into constant trouble with teachers. He likes to run on the playground, yet it isn’t allowed! So he comes back from recess just as wound up as before. He’s too young and too unfocused for yoga, but I keep trying. I hope that if I can get more into yoga he will join me, but at nine, he’s got too much energy to dissipate with such a slow moving activity. I think he needs something like Zumba. lol


    • How old is your gs? I think my 5yo definitely has ADD. I have found some yoga DVDs for kids that surprisingly, he really likes. He never stops. Hopefully, I can get my symptoms under control so I can figure out the best plan for him. I’ve done some calming teas, perhaps I should try them on him.


      • We’re eager to try some herbal concoctions on gs, he’s 9. It’s hit or miss with the taste though, so it’s a process. He is interested in trying it too, which is good.

        I’ve been really honest with him about his behaviour and he’s old enough to understand the consequences of his bad behavior. Which is a huge step in the right direction.

        Currently his teacher has encouraged Son to have gs tested, so some of his behaviors would be ignored. Son’s ex isn’t as interested in having him tested yet. I think 9 is old enough, but the stigma is what she’s afraid of.

        Best wishes for you and your 5 yo. ADD is tough enough, it’s harder when you have kids pulling you in all directions!


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