Day 2 — Back on Meds — Strattera

Day 2 — Strattera

9:00am: 25mg Strattera, 1 energy drink

I decided to wait a bit on the Adderall. I was tired and a little groggy yesterday, but my anxiety is already better. Most likely I’m experiencing a sort of placebo effect more than anything else, but I’ll take it. Gil’s out of town this week, so I don’t want to risk any major side effects. In the past, Adderall has made me anxious, edgy, and sleepy, and I have a hectic week with Halloween and a traveling spouse — just can’t risk unpredictable side effects.

I went to an Iyengar yoga class after I dropped my kids off this morning, and I felt really good. Sometimes, this form of yoga requires more patience than I typically have, given the strong focus on form and alignment, but I think it was exactly what I needed this morning.

I’m trying to my best to be patient and hopeful, but now that I’m back on Strattera I’m remembering some of the negatives — nausea, decreased appetite, and erratic sleep patterns. I’ve already dealt with all three of these and I’m only two days in. Hopefully, starting low and upping my doses slowly will make these negatives tolerable.