Day 3 — Strattera Update

Day 3 — Strattera
9:30: 25mg Strattera, Energy Shot

Well, I wrote a somewhat lengthy post this morning and managed to delete the whole damn thing. Obviously, the meds are not working their magic quite yet. Overall, I feel good — less nausea today, and best of all I slept well and woke up at 6:30 feeling well-rested. I am NOT a morning person, so this feels huge. Perhaps, I will drop my kids off at school on time in the near future — one can dream.

I went to yoga yesterday and survived multiple Halloween excursions this week. I’m feeling less anxious, and my filthy house seems tolerable.

I also drank one glass of wine with my girlfriend this evening while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I seriously thought she was gonna have to carry me back to the house. Wow! I’m a pretty cheap drunk anyway, but this was way worse than normal — guess I won’t be drinking on this med.

Okay — off to sleep. Happy Halloween!!