Happy 2018!


Why yes, I am intimately aware that we’re well into this new year. It’s been awhile, now hasn’t it?

I’ve popped in sporadically on my WordPress reader; I’ve clicked when alerted by that orange notification blot, which reminds me I am painfully behind replying to comments (so so sorry; I’ll get there), but mostly I’ve been away.

As a writer it’s crucial that I step away from time to time and LIVE. I have to pay attention and absorb the world around me in various capacities. I have to use all of my senses and internalize everything going on so that when I come back to the page and the churning out of written words, I’m able to do so from a place that’s not strictly cerebral. Staying in my head too much gets me nowhere. Anyone else that way?

October was the beginning of realignment, and for the past three months I’ve had to focus on coming back to neutral so to speak. A homeostasis of sorts.

It has been a process, but I’m better and now I feel like I’m at a point where I can create again, both here at this blog and in other areas.


For Christmas, I finally convinced Gil to forgo all the buying that he loves, and we went on a big trip instead. I’ll get into the details more another time perhaps, but there were passports involved and LOTS of creative budgeting and pet sitters and the stress and anxiety that accompanies getting four offbeat, disorganized people to other parts of the world.

And I’m thrilled to report that it was absolutely worth every bit of angst because it was all kinds of fabulous. It was restful and adventurous. It reminded me how much I love traveling and experiencing new people and environments.

It was also a stepping stone. A tipping of my toe in to all the places I want to visit and experience with my children. In other words, the wanderlust beast inside of me that I thought was dead emerged in full force. Ideas that lay dormant were stirred, and I can not wait for our next adventure.


But alas, what goes up must come down. As adults (at least in the life Gil and I inhabit presently), going away on adventures means we must return and settle back into that traditional structure that I love rebelling against.

That’s where we’ve been in January. Returning to school and work; coming back to reality. Sigh…

It’s not a bad thing; it’s just challenging for people like us. I’m always in awe of how many people seem to easily return to their previously established habits and routines after a trip — like grocery shopping and getting in bed at a decent hour and cleaning the kitchen after a meal. No one in our family has that gene, and getting back to normal is pretty nutty around here. It’s like we’re walking around this house with zero clue how to function.

It’s been a month now, so we’re finally settling and I’m able to write.

(I have to throw in here that in the middle of writing this post, Gil and I had a heated text message discussion about the expense of my mental health prescriptions. Vyvanse works, but I could lease a luxury car for price one must pay each month. This med will no longer be an option now that the coupon has expired. Have I mentioned that Vyvanse is also the preferred med for both of my children if we ever decide to medicate them?)


Piers and Wallace loved being away and like their parents are reluctantly settling back in to school and the routine.

We had snow in Savannah shortly after New Year’s, the first since 1989 apparently. It was fun and kind of wild. Coastal people don’t know what to do with themselves when the frigid temps hit, self included.

What else? Oh, the organizer came back on Saturday. We worked on my bedroom/office. I’m not sure she has a clue what to make of me or our entire family. Still, I love her and am sticking with the hellish embarrassment that comes with letting someone see the truth of our chaos in the hopes of creating a neat space that recharges us where we can entertain friends and family and retreat from the world. Am I aiming too high? I think not…but we’re only a fraction of the way there.

I’m still playing tennis and job hunting in the freelance sense. My writing, or publishing rather, came to a halt when my computer crashed nearly a year ago. I was able to borrow and share a bit with Gil, but he’s not home during the day when I write the most, so it’s been difficult to maintain the type of writing schedule I need to be most productive. I finally broke down and bought a new laptop last week, so I should be up and posting more regularly here. I’ve been a Mac girl for some time now, but I’m back to a PC. It’s an adjustment, but so far I’m adapting well.


This is longer than planned, and still there’s much more I want to say. Thank you to my recent commenters, new followers, and longtime readers. I wish all of you a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018. I’m excited to re-engage in the blogging world and hope to connect soon.

I’d love to know what your goals are this year and what projects you’re working on and what you’re excited about. Let me hear from you!

16 thoughts on “Happy 2018!

  1. l love this post! Especially this: I’m not sure she has a clue what to make of me or our entire family. “Still, I love her and am sticking with the hellish embarrassment that comes with letting someone see the truth of our chaos.” Good friends and prayer are like this for me. If I can’t get real, I can’t heal. When I set down my ego for truth wonders happen.


  2. It’s so funny to hear about a household that is not complete order/organization. We do not talk about it. Most of the time when I see pictures of a “mess,” I am embarrassed to admit that “mess” is almost clean in my house. But alas, some sort of organization is necessary so I work just to stay afloat at times. Glad you got to enjoy R&R on your Christmas vacay. Welcome back to the real world!

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    • I know exactly what you mean about other people’s pictures of “mess” being almost clean in your house – I’m the same way. It is legit tornado-esque at our house regularly. I’m working on it but most days we’re flying in and out and doing the best we can. Hope 2018 is a better one for you. So many prayers and happy thoughts your way…

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  3. An adventure…..sounds wonderful. If I didn’t dislike traveling so much there are places I would love to go. But then there is flying. Our youngest moved to Seattle over the summer and I have kind of been lost over a type of routine. I tried to just let it happen but then the guilt starts in if I don’t have some sort of structure. I miss raising my kids. Hopefully I’ll have some grandkids? I feel your paid regarding the expense of medication. I have finally found one that helps control my asthma but the price is awful. The meds I use for my mental functioning are generic….so far. I’m glad you’re back!

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    • Yes…flying makes my anxiety flare. I love traveling, so I’m trying to push past it, but it’s a lot of work. And yes…med prices are ridiculous. I’m on some generics now that seem to be working well. Fingers crossed.


    • Well…it’s March and I guess you could say we got back in a routine somewhere around mid-February. I’m weird in that I thrive on change. Staying planted it tougher for me, but since having kids I see that maintaining some degree of structure makes life easier. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. Welcome home my friend, I can hear the bounce in your words. If that isn’t a good holiday I don’t know what is 😀
    And you also cannot give from an empty cup…do you (with integrity) first, and then give from that cup…it will also has much more bounce in it too 😀 ❤

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