I’m Turning Relatives Into Trees for Christmas — Want to Join Me?

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Words can’t begin to express how much I appreciate all of my readers and this blogging community. Since the holidays are such a busy time, I’m going to reblog some of my old posts. I’m anticipating some joy and a little stress as we’re heading to Atlanta to gather with family. So many people; so many viewpoints and strong personalities. I needed this reminder today and thought you might, too. Stay safe and well!

Grief Happens


I consider myself a people person.

I like people.

They spark my curiosity, and I want to know their stories.

What made them think a certain way about something?

Who were their parents?

What have they seen?

What joys have they known? What pains?

Sometimes this is easier with strangers than with those we love — at least this is the case for me.

I’ve been accused of being too accepting. People tell me I attract “oddballs.” I suppose I find unconventional souls a bit more intriguing. Bland is harder to stomach, yet there’s curiosity there as well.

The holidays are upon us. I’m thinking about family members — fundamentalists, Trump supporters, drunks, gun lovers. We’ll be dining together. I’ll be gnawing my tongue and balancing when to speak up and when to take more of a passive, compassionate approach.

I’m going to start collecting mantras now:

Peace begins with…

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2 thoughts on “I’m Turning Relatives Into Trees for Christmas — Want to Join Me?

    • Thank you! I DID survive Thanksgiving, and I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll be for Christmas. I’m not as “zenned up” as I’d like to be, but I’m not screeching and throwing things…yet. I’ll take it! Hope you’re surviving the holiday madness and all that comes with it. 🙂


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