Strattera Update — Days 7-10

Day 7-10: Strattera

I’ve been on 40mg all week, and I feel like shit. Is it the medication? I honestly have no idea, but I suspect that it’s circumstantial.

I’m on week five of Gil traveling. I don’t miss him, but I do miss having another adult who parents our children — not that he’s all that helpful in a practical sense when he’s home, but I find being a mother more emotionally demanding than I ever imagined, and at least when Gil is here I have the option of saying, “Ask Dad!” Maybe it’s that sometimes, as a woman, I don’t relate to all the maleness. I mean, I try, and I am by no means a super girly-girl female, but I just need a neat, clean, uncluttered, un-peed-on space. I need a room of my own, and possibly a house of my own, where I’m not cleaning up anybody’s crap but mine.

A lot of my frustration is that it’s bedtime. I just put the boys down, and my five year old had a complete melt-down because he wanted to talk to his dad. It was all I could do to not offer to ship his moody little ass straight to his dad’s hotel room. I know he was just tired, but my patience is super slim by bedtime. Lord, I hope it’s not this Strattera that’s making me so cranky.

Another issue is the Presidential Election. People are irritating me everywhere I turn. I will say this: I voted for Obama; I think he’s a good President and I fully support him. Stop your griping, haters. It’s over. Pull together and support our leader. I am just done with the negativity. Shut up.

Lastly, and I will end this post, speaking of negativity. Gosh, I’m one to talk. I am in PMS hormonal hell. I fear that I’m remembering correctly, but I believe one of the reasons I quit Strattera was because it felt like PMS was WAY worse when I was taking it before.

I think I need to try taking my pill at night instead of in the morning like I’ve been doing. In fact, I’m supposed to start the 60mg pill tomorrow, and I’m going to take it right before I go to sleep — which is as soon as I post this dreadful rant. I’m so exhausted that maybe I’ll sleep through the nausea.

My friend and I walked about three miles today, and I’m planning to do yoga tomorrow. My house looks like a bomb went off, and I seriously think I need to call in a hoarding expert to handle Gil’s mess. More on that to come.

I’m off to sleep, and I’ll do my best to dream away my crappy mood — enough pissing and moaning. Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Strattera Update — Days 7-10

  1. I think it’s the Strattera…I’m on week 3 of the sample pack…a week on the 40mg and I”m so tired, nauseated, starving..but don’t want to eat…all I want to do is lay my head on my pillow…I’m thinking about asking my Psychiatrist for Adderall.


    • Well here’s my other struggle. I have a prescription for Adderall, but I’m so edgy I hate to throw anything else into the mix. Adderall works great for me EXCEPT that when it wears off, I feel dreadful — like I want to punch things. I have felt better the last couple of days, and I think it takes a while for Strattera to fully get in the system. I’m going to commit to a full two months before I switch. Thanks for the input. It always helps to hear others’ experiences. Good luck to you. Hope to post another update today or tomorrow.


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