Titles That Would Work This Week if I Had the Energy to Expound and Put Words Together for Actual Posts

ADHD-Related Family Mishaps — Gil and the Missing iPhone

Hives and the Drugs that Help Me Focus — Continuing Makes Me Itch and Stopping Cold-Turkey is Plain Wretched

Highlights From the Parent/Teacher Conference — “Piers is Not Handling Frustration Well”

More Highlights From the Parent/Teacher Conference — “Wallace is Very Aware that Babies Often Come Out of Vaginas, but He’s Perplexed by How They Get in There”

Sharing Our Crazy (Quite Loudly) During the Children’s Story at Church — “Today My Mom Said Shit When She Dropped a Jar of Jelly”

10 thoughts on “Titles That Would Work This Week if I Had the Energy to Expound and Put Words Together for Actual Posts

  1. Hey Vivian,

    This is Derek Bell, I write Playing in the City with Trains. I’m enjoying your blog. So familiar and often so funny.

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in taking part in the #mywritingprocess blog tour. Basically a chain letter in blog form, but unlike a chain letter, it is fun, and it will hopefully expose your writing to people who may not have been lucky enough to discover it on their own.

    It’s simple. You shoot me a very brief bio so I can point readers in your direction at the end of my post, Then, in your post you mention me and my blog, and then answer these four questions:
    – What are you working on?
    – How does your work differ from others in its genre?
    – Why do you write what you do?
    – How does your writing process work?

    And then you pass it on to at least one other blogger.
    Please let me know if you’re interested. If not, I completely understand.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Hey Derek,
      I am interested. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Your writing speaks to me in ways that are almost beyond articulation. I’m out of town this week and more unplugged than usual — phone and old-school pen and paper are my tools. It may be next week before I can send you the bio. Will that work?


    • You know, it’s crazy. He is fascinated by all things related to childbirth — not in a bathroom-humor kind of way but in a legitimate, scientific, trying-to-figure-it-all-out kind of way. But damn his questions are loud and pop out at the most inopportune times. His teacher and I were friends before she was his teacher, which is why I’m sure she felt comfortable sharing that with me. I try to answer his questions in an age-appropriate, honest, and direct way, but it’s getting harder. He just turned five. Another friend told me about a book called It’s Not the Stork by Robie H. Harris. I just ordered it so I’m hoping it will help me with this conversation..


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