Thoughts on Morality and Religion

The boys and I are spending the week at Mamala’s.

I think I need to start coordinating my visits with my menstrual cycle.

In other words, PMS + my mom = FRUSTRATION!!!

I got my period this morning so things should be getting better. That’s probably way more than any of you care to know about me.

What does this have to do with the link I shared?

Absolutely nothing, but I enjoyed the article and thought you might, too.

My minister recently gave a talk about religion and morality and why people do good in the world and what part (if any) religion plays.

I have lots of thoughts on this but I liked the science in this article.

What do you guys think? Why are you good?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Morality and Religion

    • Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Guess I better learn to deal. I was recently talking to a friend who’s going through menopause and she said, “Imagine the worst PMS ever and then imagine having that ALL THE TIME. That’s pretty much what menopause feels like.” Gil is currently looking for an island to move to with the kids when the big M swoops in..


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