This Will Never Be a Food Blog

“Mom, Wallace got really hungry while you were in the shower, so I made him my top-secret family specialty — A PICKLE SANDWICH!”

Piers is my take-charge first-born, and he came into the world wanting to do everything for himself. One of his first understandable phrases was “Piers do dat.”

I was very much this way as a child and apparently so was Gil. When I share stories about my children and their strong-willed tendencies with Gil’s family, they all nod knowingly. Apparently Gil’s favorite phrase as a toddler was “my do it!”

I keep reminding myself that this is a good trait. Hey, I’m not a fan of the pickle sandwich, but preparing food for himself and his brother is one more step towards independence and getting me out of my least favorite room in the house — THE KITCHEN.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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