Toss Five and Put Away Ten

So…in an effort to get more organized as well as prepare to move in the next year, I’m employing this daily strategy.

I like that it’s catchy, memorable, and seems simple enough even for my disorganized, live-in-the-moment crowd.

Bravo Life Coaching for People with ADHD


I am not a naturally neat person. I tend to hold on to stuff and make a mess wherever I go. I leave things out after I’m done using them. You can tell where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing by the trails I leave behind. If I brush my teeth there is a 90% chance the cap will not make it back to the toothpaste. When I take off my shoes they tend to stay wherever that event occurred. Jackets and sweaters could be on the back of chairs or on the couch. I leave kitchen cabinets and closet doors wide open after I have found what I was looking for. I mean to put stuff away and close what I’ve opened but I get involved in other things and forget. I’m not chronically disorganized but I have far more in common with the sloppy than the neat.

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