Summertime and It’s Wild Around Here


This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I’m trying desperately to pull myself out of my post-vacation funk and thought something colorful might help.

The kids have been out of school for a month now, and frankly that’s about all I can take. I adore them, but I am summered out.

If I don’t talk myself out of it, I might post some pics of my disaster of a house, because let’s face it — organization is far from my strong suit, and I seriously need some accountability. Stay tuned.

I’m hiding in my room/office trying to catch up on loads of work. Note to self — if I’m still working from home next summer, the babies MUST go to camp/daycare full time because THIS IS NOT WORKING!!

I also think they are aware that their mother is nutting up. Piers made a super-sweet card for me this morning and told me how much he loved me and that he will try his best to “make really good choices today.”

Guilt!! I’m having major mother guilt. I lost it a lot yesterday and finally planted them in front of the television so I could work in peace.

I got somewhat caught up, but I’m paying for it today. THEY ARE WILD. And I know it’s not their fault. They just have loads of energy that needs to be channelled.

So I made the big declaration this morning that we are not watching TV today.

You guys — big mistake!!

They are now in serious creative mode and are rapidly turning our already-messy house UPSIDE DOWN.

They keep coming in asking if I can come ride on their train. Past experience tells me they’ve lined up every chair in the house, and it sounds like they’re transporting circus animals. I promised I’d ride as soon as I’m done working. I also need to make lunch.


I just heard Wallace scream, “HEY!! Where ya headed?”

And Piers, who apparently is the driver/ conductor, yelled back, “We’re on our way to Savannah, then Africa and then headed north to Iceland!”

This is good, right? They’re using their imagination? That’s what I’m calling it.

Okay, folks, back to work. Maybe I can catch the train on its way to Africa. I’ve always wanted to visit.

What does your summer day-to-day look like?

4 thoughts on “Summertime and It’s Wild Around Here

  1. I think summer vaca was designed to punish parents, lol. My own summer looks like me working 7 days/week and then being crabby because I’m working 7 days/week. My husband is home with the kids and has only recently warmed to the idea of the kids doing chores…but he’s got them doing them now and honestly, it’s great. It keeps them busy, gets them moving and when I come home tired and crabby, the house being clean is hardly something I can feel crabbier about. I highly recommend it! The part I love is how kids THINK they love summer vaca but after like a week you can tell they’re already itchy for routine.


    • Yes! Chores have been very helpful in getting our summer back on track. You guys sound like us but with opposite summer schedules. My husband is especially crabby in the summer because it’s his ultra-busy season and he works constantly. I’m crabby because I can’t get work done since I’m home with the kids 7 days a week. This will all pass. I’m with you though — kids can be much more helpful than many adults give them credit for. Everyone is happier when we all pitch in and it’s certainly more tolerable when the house is more orderly.


  2. Yep! — “unless you’re an incredibly organized mother…” — I am SO not. I sort of overloaded us on activities at the beginning of the summer and seriously have no energy left for the rest of it. That’s cool that your city offers a free day camp. I’m thinking a month of summer is about my max. In many ways, I think it’s easier having two kids in the summer. My friends with only one have to deal with more “I’m bored” and lots of friends over. Although there is some fighting, mine at least have a permanent playmate and I don’t have to deal with constant company.


  3. Ah yes, the relaxing days of summer…NOT! I feel your pain. It’s quite difficult to work from home when the kids are running around like wild animals. But the cost of daycare is ridiculous, and my son would fight me tooth and nail on it anyway. The city offers a free day camp for 2 weeks, 4 hrs. a day. It’s something. Other than that, unless you’re an incredibly organized mother who can plan loads of activities to keep em busy (which I’m not)…

    My son plays way too much Xbox for his own good. Every summer I tell myself, THIS summer will be different, but alas, it never is. By the end of the summer even my son is looking forward to going back to school.


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