I’m Tapped Out on Family Fun


I’ve spent the past four nights in a tent…with Gil, the kids and one of our dogs. I have one more to go.

I like camping and roughing it and all that, but I think three nights is my max.

On Day 2, I made the mistake of sharing with Gil that I was enjoying this family-only vacay, and he got excited and booked two additional nights. He “surprised” me with this news yesterday at breakfast.

My anxiety got the best of me this morning, and I decided to scrub both kids in the communal shower. When I returned to the campsite, waterlogged and edgy, Gil said, “Why are you so ornery? You said you were having fun?”

Why yes, Dear, I was having fun, but I left for this little trip with three nights in my head. I hate to sound like a spoiled brat, but I just finished night number FOUR and I have one more to go — not to mention that the first two nights were rainy.

It will be fine. The weather’s good — a bit warm and buggy for camping, but I can do this. I just needed a moment. Perhaps blogging will help.

The sand gnats were eating me, so I’m taking refuge in our truck. Gil took the kids down to the beach and I decided to stay at the campsite to regroup (or rather regain my sanity.) I’m 75 pages into a book I picked up at Dollar General (I know!! The cover sucked me in) and thus far, there is no plot.

Before I moved to the truck, I was sitting by the fire reading when our neighbor lady who hasn’t bothered with a bra since she arrived wandered over and said, “Them kids yours or just his?”

“They’re also mine…”

“Huh…well they don’t look nothin’ like you.”

Okay then.

Now, what does a person say to that?

Had she asked on Day 2, I might have been nicer, but this is Day 5. I think I grunted, shot her a dirty look and returned to my book.

She stuck her cig back in her mouth and returned to her campsite.

Thanks for listening and enduring my grouchiness. What are your thoughts on camping? How many days before you’re emotionally tapped out?

12 thoughts on “I’m Tapped Out on Family Fun

  1. In a tent?…with a dog?…WHAT?

    Ironically, I am writing this from the comfort of a fresh and crisp Holiday Inn bed while my little ones sleep soundly and blissfully on the bed next to mine.

    I can only remember camping once as a child. On a trip to Disney World, we spent the night in my stepfather’s Volkswagen camper. It was nothing like the modern day RV…just a couple of tables and some convertible seats.

    We kids thought it was quite the adventure, but I think my mother was eternally turned off by the communal showers. We ever did it again.

    So of course, when I grew up, married and had children, I became very curious and eager to try out REAL camping…in a tent. When my youngest was still an infant, my Soon-to-be-X bought a tent and decided to do a trial run in our front yard. Since I had the infant to care for, only he and my older daughter camped out that night.

    The morning report was enough to turn me off from the whole situation. My STBX’s twisted posture told me enough about the comfort of a sleeping bag. Then I heard about endless chatter (from the toddler) and creepy-crawly visitors in the tent.

    No-siree-bob. That business is just not for me!!

    I have considered RVing, but the thing has to have a shower along with many other amenities.


    • I can’t imagine camping with toddlers. My youngest is almost 6, so it was manageable, but we’ve been home now since late Friday evening and I am just exhausted and itchy and not in any mood to put everything back together.

      Truthfully, I pretty much feel this way after every vacation. Family vacations are severely overrated unless one of you is ultra-organized.

      I’m in a crab of a mood today. This might be a sign that I should never go camping again or on another vacation. I’m spent.


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  3. That all depends. On who I’m camping with, where I’m camping, whether there are facilities (like shower, toilet etc.), whether I’m in my tent or my camper… But I really enjoyed your account, especially the surprise extra few days. 😉


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