In Case You’ve Ever Been Curious About Feline Genitalia…

Wallace:  “Mom, are cat balls also called testicles?”

Me:  “Hmmm…that’s a great question, Wal.”  I’m a pro at buying myself time. I’m not sure, but I assume they are.” 

For the moment, I’m regretting being so forthcoming with my children about sex and body parts. My goal was to normalize bodies and explain things in age-appropriate ways while they’re young to prevent all the future awkwardness and having to have ONE big birds-and-bees talk when they’re older. But these two NEVER stop with the questions.

Wallace:  “. . . do ya think you could Google it?”

FYI, cat balls ARE in fact called testicles. Thank you, Dr. Google, today’s friendly veterinarian.

I should also thank Bubbles, the cat, for inspiring the search.

What kinds of questions do the children in your life ask?  Do tell.

12 thoughts on “In Case You’ve Ever Been Curious About Feline Genitalia…

  1. This from the seven-year-old: “Mommy, when the doctor helps the baby come out of your tummy, does it come out more from the top of your tummy or the bottom of your tummy?”

    “Definitely closer to the bottom”, I reply and leave the poor child imagining the logistics of all that…

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  2. I chuckled over this one – what *would* we do without Dr. Google? I’m actually glad that I can remember a time without the internet, DVD’s, CD’s, cell phones, etc. because I appreciate our gadgets in a way that’s impossible for those born into the high tech age. My girls still can’t believe I lived “way back when!” 😉 Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today! Xo

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  3. I’ve always been open with my kids and they STILL ask me questions so you’re doing the right thing. But boys are definitely interesting. When mine were little I walked outside one day to hear one of the twins telling the neighborhood children that we had so many boys in our house because his daddy only had boy sperm!!!

    They are a hoot!



    • Lol!! That’s hilarious. I’m pretty certain if there’s anything to that, the dad in our house only has male sperm. And that’s my hope — that they’ll still ask me questions as they get older!


  4. I love that you’re encouraging your children to ask questions and be informed….even if it’s awkward in the moment. :p I took a Human Sexuality class as part of getting my Counseling degree, and the professor stressed the importance of sexually informed children because knowledge protects them. I had never even considered that side of things, but it makes sense that a predator wouldn’t want to risk harming a child who knew the terms “penis” and “vagina” when they could describe in detail what was done to them.

    If it protects your kids, then some embarrassing conversations about cat testicles are worth it! Good for you.

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    • You know, it’s interesting you mentioned the sexuality class. I took the same class as an elective years ago & it secured my plans of how to approach the sex discussions with my future children. Perhaps


    • Ugh, didn’t finish — phone typing & computer issues might be he end of my sanity today. Anyway… Perhaps human sexuality should be a required class for parents-to-be. Thanks for reading!


  5. I’m also pretty open with terminology because I remember asking my Mum what a 69 was as a teenager and, although she gave me a rough idea, we were both mortified! That said, it will probably come back to bite me, especially as I teach them the euphemistic terms too, so they don’t do what I did and say, loudly in a busy restaurant, “But Mummy, Tw@t isn’t a rude word!” Hmmmm
    Boys are definitely more interested though. My 4yo is obsessed with his dangly bits, whereas my 6yo daughter isn’t particularly bothered.


  6. At least they’re asking questions! I’ve been told that they eventually get to the point where they don’t ask because A) you’re their parent and B) therefore you must be stupid! I think they eventually outgrow that mentality and realize that we do have some answers. BTW, I’ve been candid with my kids about sex, etc., but goodness knows it’s awkward to talk about, isn’t it?!

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    • I am glad they ask questions, though Wallace can stop me in my tracks with some of his. He’s only 6 and is fascinated by this stuff, and it’s in a very scientific way. I agree it can be pretty awkward to talk about. You have girls if I’m remembering correctly, and this may sound odd, but I swear I think that might be more difficult for me. Boys (and this is probably because mine are still pretty young at 6 and 7) are just so out there with their questions, so thankfully most of the discussions are more comical than anything. My husband has a very hard time with it. He’s an engineer, so I’ve tried telling him to imagine explaining a fascinating mechanical process to them rather than focusing on the awkwardness of the reproductive system, but he freezes. So…since I was blessed with the gift of gab, for now the task falls on me. 🙂


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