What’s Going Well Wednesday — In Photos

Happy Wednesday, friends.

It’s good that I’m doing this because I sincerely need to focus on the positive… I’ll leave it at that.

Here are some random photos from my hanging-on-by-a-thread phone:

Reading material that makes me happy.

We found all the pieces!

Y0u guys, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Z0ne (Please try t0 ignore the zero f0r the 0 — perfecti0nist in me is SCREAMING.)

I’m having all kinds 0f c0mputer stuff, but it’s g0nna be 0k.

Picture #3 — I’m reading Ribsy by Beverly Cleary t0 my kids — she was my very fav0rite auth0r as a kid & being reacquainted is a huge pile 0f happy.

Picture #4 — new h0use. I’m thankful. Moving is t0ugh, and we have s0 much g0ing at the moment, but I am truly thankful f0r my blessings.

Well…it’s Thursday n0w & I’m just editing (and between the 0 key & everything else, I  use that term as L00SELY as possible.)

What went well f0r y0u 0n Wednesday? What’s g0ing well t0day 0r has gone well any day in the past week? Tell me — y0u can think 0f something! 

10 thoughts on “What’s Going Well Wednesday — In Photos

  1. I love books on decluttering and organizing! In the past, I’ve been known to go to friends’ houses and organize their “stuff”; then they can’t find it. I did that to my then-fiance, now-husband before I moved into his house. His mom came to visit and complained that she didn’t know where anything was in the kitchen, but that I’d organized it like a woman would. Are there male and female ways of organizing?!


    • Hmmm. Good question. My husband and I definitely have different ways of organizing. I’m less-is-more, and he’s, well, I haven’t exactly figured out his organization method. A question to ponder for sure…


    • Thanks! Forgive me for not responding in a timely way to (previous) comments. The damn keyboard issues are quite the beast. I’m on my phone for the moment. The keys work but I’m too wordy for such a small keyboard. Hope you’re enjoying (surviving rather) summer break!

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