Nothing’s Going Well Tuesday



Moving might just do me in, y’all. I’m as crabby as they come. 

Apparently, Gil, in his get-it-done mindset, told our children to pack their stuff… then beebopped off to his office. 

Can I punch him, please? 

Guess what? They inherited their packing skills from their father. They open a box and throw anything in arms reach into it and tape it shut. 

I can give them a pass because they’re kids, but him?! I want to punch him. 

And now I have to get ready for Meet-the-Teacher Night at kids’ new school. Have I mentioned that elementary schools give me extreme anxiety?! 

I need to go somewhere and sweat before I bust up into the new school. Maybe it will calm me down. 

Oh…and Piers got his head stuck under the bed. He’s free now, but this should give you an idea of how this day is going. 

Please send some good energy and happy moving vibes. I need them in a bad way. 

Peace. Just gonna keep saying it. 

Have you moved recently? Any tips to help me retain a thread of sanity? 

I’m begging. 

*** And while writing this, a child got his um, boy parts, pinched in the closet door. How exactly does that happen? I need a vacation…***

14 thoughts on “Nothing’s Going Well Tuesday

  1. Hey woman!! Sending tons of happy, lovely, peaceful vibes your way. Moving is soooo stressful. But hopefully it will be worth it for you when you are all done with it. Hang in there!! xoxo

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  2. So, when we moved two summers ago I asked my husband to pack up his clothes, his books/office items, and the kitchen…and I took care of the rest of the house (kids, myself, basement and garage clean out) because I know the futility of trying to divide labor equally in these circumstances.

    The kitchen got packed…into boxes….and labeled ‘kitchen’……just that….’kitchen’……

    Over the first six months of living in the new house, whenever something not often used was needed and the question arose of ‘do you happen to know where the (insert cooking item, small gadget, etc. that was not unpacked) is?’…the response was…’YES! It’s downstairs in one of the ten remaining boxes that say…um…let me think….OH! Kitchen….that’s it…have fun!’ ;0)


    • This completely cracked me up! I went to bed several nights ago while Gil was “packing the spices” and the next morning I discovered that he decided to go ahead and pack the entire kitchen. And like your husband, labeled it…’Kitchen.’

      I’m doing a lot pf deep breathing these days!!!


  3. Breathe, girl, breathe! I’m trying not to relive the anxiety of moving last summer. I had to do the bulk of my packing in about a week…and only when my STBX was not home. I remember letting the girls pack some of their own stuff. It gave them a sense of control in a world so chaotic…it’s not such a bad thing. I did give them some direction, though. They either got a large box to pack light items like stuffed animals or a small to medium box to pack specific items (games, dolls, etc.). I did not allow them to seal the box. After they claimed to be finished, I inspected it and let them know if they need to put more things in or not. Then, they got to label their own box with their own handwriting, so when we got to the new house they at lest knew where some of their stuff was. I think this was kind of grounding for them when things were so crazy.

    Good luck and good vibes!!

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  4. I’m so sorry!!! You wrote this so well though that I’m laughing even as I’m feeling for you! (And thank you for the needed smile in the middle of my own crappy day!) I especially sympathize with the school thing. I HATE stuff like that – for a variety of reasons. (That’d be a good post topic, now that I think about it.) Anyway, good luck with everything!! (And I hope the poor pinched one is all better. Ouch!!! Poor little guy! If you ever come up with a good answer as to the “how?????” of such incidents, I’d love to hear it! With one of my own, not to mention two younger brothers, I’ve long asked that myself!)


    • It’s so funny you said that about “the school thing” because I was thinking about you with the whole going back to school situation. Meet-the-Teacher went surprisingly well, considering…definitely a topic for further elaboration. And as for the closet incident…I’m beginning to realize just how common this sort pf incident is with the male species… He seems to have made a full recovery.

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