What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 

Seriously, you guys, I was excited to post this week since I missed last week, but I’m all mixed up (obviously!!!) and realized this morning that . . . today is actually Thursday.

Here is my disclaimer: A LOT is going well, but other things not so much — for instance, Wallace was the first kid in his class selected to bring “a special Friday snack.” Shoot me now, please, especially now that today is Thursday instead of Wednesday like it was in my head.

They’re gonna get special dye-free gummy bears. Hope it’s special enough. This always happens to me. I was griping to my friend, Ani, on the phone earlier, and she said, “It’s because you look creative and enthusiastic.”

Nice, except I’m really neither when it comes to food art. I’d make a dreadful preschool teacher. Pinterest makes me break out in hives.

Anyway, forgive the gripe. But remember, technically it’s NOT What’s Going Well Wednesday.

It’s Thursday.

So here are some happy pictures. My computer still isn’t up in my new place, and I’ve been too wiped out at night to use Gil’s laptop. Overall, life is good and I’ll elaborate further when I can remember what day it is.

The ease of school uniforms!

Living in a beautiful city — even the 400 degree August GA heat feels tolerable here.

Gorgeous coastal view on the ride home – never gets old.

Perfect mug from a dear friend.

Great light & morning view — who cares if pics aren’t hung.
What’s going well for you this week?

19 thoughts on “What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 

    • It’s crazy this year. Georgia definitely has its share of humidity, but it’s typically not so bad in coastal areas, which is a big reason I made my home on this side of the state. I haven’t been to Dallas in years, but I used to layover there frequently in my flight attendant days. It’s a lovely place but quite hot in summer. I did make it down to the ocean yesterday at dusk and thankfully it was mild and breezy.


  1. We moved to the Carolinas during an August heat wave/drought from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. All I could think is what fresh hell IS this? That was 8 years ago…this summer is just as bad. If it comes every 3 years than I can stay…I like it here…well, except for the fact that I’m 3-4 hours from the coast. You’re right, the coast DOES make you feel lighter, and more free, and happy. – sigh –

    Enjoy your new home and more pics please! Even the mediocre iPhone kind. 😉


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  2. I love your pictures!! That sky and clouds in the fourth one are making me REALLY happy I’ll be at the ocean next week. I need some wide open sky like that in my life!

    BTW, I think gummy bears of any sort are always a sure thing 🙂 Good choice!


    • Thank you! Completely off-the-cuff, mediocre phone pics, but they work for now. So glad you’re going to the ocean. I need to write more about my attraction to place, but something is lighter with me since moving. I think the coast has a lot to do with it. Enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to see your pictures!


      • Thanks! I’m there now and, while the vacation so far pretty much blows (I hate to say), none of that has to do with the ocean. I actually feel like the ocean fills something up inside of me that is otherwise empty. I’m really interested to hear more about how it is for you, living actually in such close proximity now to the shore. I’m so glad it’s been a good move for you!

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