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What have you learned about yourself in your time on earth?

I ponder this question frequently. For me, this involves looking inward and making decisions based on personal values, strengths, and skills.

I also enjoy talking to friends about their path, and though I often fail miserably, I try my best to not infuse my goals or way of existing in the world on them — people are different and have different circumstances, motivations, and personalities.

I like observing people — strangers and acquaintances — and often find myself perplexed at their behaviors. I see a lot of people who appear to be making decisions based on the status quo or without much forethought, and they often seem stumped as to why they’re unhappy. I have certainly been guilty of this, though I like to hope most of this is in my past.

Wow. That was quite the digression. I started this post to tell you about the yoga routine I did today, and the above words seemed to pour out onto my screen. Hmmm…

In my 40+ years, I’ve learned that it’s essential to involve movement and bodywork in order to function optimally. I mean this more in the intellectual/being productive realm.

I mean, I’m highly aware that exercise in the proper amounts is good and necessary for the body — we are constantly bombarded with headlines and research to support this.

But coming back to my introductory question, I’ve learned that I have to move in order to learn best and to digest information optimally — more so than the average person.

There are times I still fight this. Traditional schooling ingrained the importance of sitting still and forging on to get work done, and I fall back on this habit frequently. I often find myself sitting at my desk, typing away furiously only to wind up frustrated with not being able to appropriately articulate the contents in my head — and often my words are anything but concise — now is somewhat of an example…

I also fall into a negative space when I dive in seeking out more more more information. My intent is pure — I want a better source or THE perfect link to back up my argument, but before I know it I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole and often forget what I was looking for in the first place.

And I end up more frustrated because my work isn’t close to being finished, and I’m tense, restless and want to escape my workspace. This happens a lot during the week when my kids are in school. I try to squeeze in one more thing before I start my afternoon mommy duties (homework, shuttling to and from activities, dinner, baths, bedtime.)

Next week I’m making a point to take breaks every 30 minutes and either go on a brief walk outside or do a 5-10 minute yoga routine.

I’m thinking about this today because I woke up this morning feeling like I had to move my body — I needed to stretch, but I also felt the need for something vigorous, and unfortunately, it’s pouring down rain here, so I can’t go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Several posts ago I discussed how much I like doing yoga at home, thanks to all the awesome YouTube videos.

My favorite online yoga instructor is the face/personality behind Yoga By Adrienne — Adriene Mishler. Check out her bio here.

Her openness and personality shine, and her videos all emphasize showing up where you are, a term we often hear in yoga classes, but when Adriene says it, I feel that that’s how she interacts with the world. It feels authentic, a quality I wholeheartedly appreciate and seek out wherever I go. She also has routines for beginners and for more advanced yogis, but she goes out of her way to offer modifications to poses, and she often points out that even the most advanced yogi just might not be feeling it some days, and that is okay; try and easier modification or simply rest in child’s pose. Listen to your body is a big message with Adriene — as someone who spent most of my teens and early 20s NOT listening to my body, I need this reminder. She also has lots of free videos that guide you through individual poses — very helpful and a necessity for people new to yoga practice.

Today’s practice was more intermediate to advanced, though it was only 40 minutes — many studio classes are 90 minutes, but it was exactly what I needed.

Here’s the link to her site that includes today’s YouTube routine, called Yoga for Strength.

What do you KNOW about yourself. Is there something specific you’ve discovered that’s necessary for you to function at your best?

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    • Isn’t she awesome!!!!? I’ve watched her enough that I simply adore her — she lets you see inside her head and I love her even more for her quirks — occasionally dirty mind and all. And it cracks me up how she sometimes apologizes, almost for contents that are completely in her head. Like, yesterday she said something about ‘don’t write me hate mail, just keeping it light and fun!’ And the comment was regarding some instruction she gave about imagining a block between your knees. On a yoga instructional level, nothing sexual about it, yet because she went there in her mind…she then externally apologized for it. I’m certain in the moment she didn’t even realize what she was doing. It’s just so real and human, which I completely dig. My attempt at explaining this likely makes no sense, but hey, I tried!


  1. I hope you will stay friends with me if I tell you that I’m, um….I’m not sure how to put it…..BUT
    I better be upfront with you because I know this is a place I can be real.

    I’m just not that into yoga anymore!

    I own a couple videos that I liked using over the years: Ali MacGraw (yep!) “Yoga ,Mind & Body” with Erich Schiffman (basic, soothing, beautiful music) and I can’t believe I’m divulging this – see how comfy you make me feel here??? – YOGA BOOTY BALLET!!!!!!

    I’m happy you enjoy Adrienne’s yoga and I might even check out her link!

    Apart from that, I know that solo, low impact workouts with repetitve movement and that make me sweat make me feel jolly. These kinds of workouts always reboot my mood, at least for five minutes afterwards, ha ha ha. I’m only halfway kidding – I still can be a giant bitch post-workout if something triggers me, but I think the exercise still helps my brain’s health over the long-term. My elliptical machine, walking briskly, hiking (and in the past, running) are my preferred ways to sweat. If there was a hot yoga place near where I live I’d even try that out, because I tried bikram (?) once a long time ago and liked it.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea of yours:
    “Next week I’m making a point to take breaks every 30 minutes and either go on a brief walk outside or do a 5-10 minute yoga routine.”

    I’d actually be up for revisitng Ali’s video if it’s just for 5-10 minutes OR Adrienne on YouTube – that’s super-cool that she offers free videos!

    Let us know how that goes! Tthanks for the inspiration and the perspiration! Sorry for typos but my screen just collapsed on me and I can’t figure out how to fix it. :00000

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    • I’m in the grocery store parking lot reading your comment and literally laughing out loud!!! I don’t expect my friends , readers to love everything I love!! You know that!!! I, too, LOVE my elliptical machine but it’s at our old house at the moment. I honestly need high impact (as your source shows the good research backing up mental health benefits) AND yoga — that feels optimum to me. More soon & i’ll try to read your comment more thoroughly when i get home. 🙂

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      • I’m stoked you laughed!!!!!! I’m tellin’ you, I live in a MASSIVE yoga town. Massive! We have a ton of yoga studios as well as churches up in my little mountain town. My support group meets in a yoga studio! (It’s our second yoga studio – the other one was great but we had to pay for it; this one is free – a beautiful donation from the owner) Anyway, I’m totally rambling here. You are doing everything perfectly – i.e. high impact and yoga! Keep it up! It’s cold and rainy here and while I would rather sit on my ass and watch Netflix, I think you know where I’m headed….. 😉 (((hugs))))

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