The Quintessiental Butterfly

Happy Saturday, friends!

My brain is hopping in multiple directions these days, and I hope to be able to share more soon.

But today, I feel a strong desire to share this:

The Quintessential Butterfly 

The author of this blog is a friend who I met about ten years ago. She’s a beautiful writer, but more importantly, a beautiful soul.

She dabbles in lots of things, many writing-related, but hasn’t been regularly blogging much. I’m hopeful that will change!

Last week, I was excited to discover several new posts. Her wisdom and astute observations continue to astound me, and I hope she will continue to put her thoughts out into the universe.

Allow me to introduce her to you. Have a look at her blog, and if you’re so compelled, show her some love by liking, commenting and following her.

I’m always interested to read lesser-known blogs. The longer I write and bop around the Internet, the more I discover these hidden gems. I’ve been touched by many gifted writers who often have little time or desire to market their work.

What about you? Is there a blog you enjoy? Share in the comments and better yet, highlight it in a post of your own!

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