Island Winter Dreary

The boys and I spent an afternoon at Tybee Island last week.

We typically head that way for beach fun, but it was too chilly for that, so we waved at the ocean from the bridge and explored elsewhere.

They hit the playground while I played with my camera, and then we all took a leisurely stroll on a nearby trail.

Looking at these images a week later, I’m struck by the eery ambiance.

I didn’t feel that in the moment, but viewing them now, some look straight out of a horror movie.

What do you guys think?


Swampy oasis at the beginning of trail.


Palm trees, oaks, and faded winter grass along the trail.


These explorers are adamant that ALL trees are for climbing — and they obviously aren’t THAT chilly. I, on the other hand, was quite comfortable in jeans and a warm coat.



Gil pointed out that I take blurry pictures. Hmm, exactly the reason I’m “playing” with my camera. So, if blurry pictures offend you, too, then you might have better luck on a more skilled photographer’s site. I take pictures to capture moments and am a novice at best… I actually like the way this picture turned out. The placement of these leafless, winter trees and the faded color (along with some blurriness) add some mystery.


And finally, the creepy, horror flick pic. I spotted this old house through the trees and had to get a closer look. I suspect it’s empty for the season and most likely is a lovely beach home during the height of tourist season. I got a few closer shots that showed the house better, but it was getting late and the lighting wasn’t great. This was my clearest shot. I love how eery it appears peeking out from behind the oaks and overgrown brush.

Sending love and light to all of you. Have a wonderful weekend!

14 thoughts on “Island Winter Dreary

  1. Yes, that last shot could be for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (if you haven’t read, check it out on Amazon and you’ll see the general tone of the photos throughout the book). Spooky!

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  2. You’re beautiful, so I’m not surprised you’d get chatted up in any public place – that sucks that the creephead bugged you!!!!! It’s the one time it would be nice if someone called you on the cell phone, eh? I’m glad you laughed when you read it! The title is perfect, by the way: “Island Winter Dreary” –
    yep, it sure was dreary there, but at least you weren’t attacked by this thing…..

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    • Oh my word!!! Sorry, but those testimonials are hysterical!!! And those giving the testimonies…one of them looked very similar to the guy chatting me up at Tybee. I need to write up some of the stories of Gil’s distant relatives who grew up in the Okefenokee Swamp… Yeah… I found out AFTER our youngest son was born that we gave him the same name as a famous great uncle who was the infamous swamp moonshiner way back in the day. Oh the stories. See what you missed out on growing up in Cali? Though I think swamp people might be more amicable than some of the people you describe from the school pickup line. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I’m so glad you got a kick out of it!!!!! I listened to the whole thing a few times. Yes, I admit I kind of like the hokey Swamp Monster song! But it’s scary that one of the guys looked similar to the creepy dude who spoke to you at the park – they’re probably cousins!

        Now you got me laughing out loud especially with that last line….there’s a local Facebook “Drivers Hall of Shame” group that I might just check out..and I’m sure many of those fools are in it. :))))


  3. I didn’t think the tree photo was really blurry! It’s definitely a somber scene but also very beautiful and peaceful looking. I got most creeped out from photo #1 – the swamp – it looks like some freaky creature is going to jump out of the murky water at any moment.

    Good for you for getting out and giving your boys an opportunity to have a blast climbing those trees.
    As for the house, don’t you see the old woman in a white shawl standing by the window?
    Just kidding! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • HAAAA!!!! I literally laughed out loud reading your comment. I mean…is that a creepy-ass scene or what?! I didn’t throw this out in the post, but prior to our walk there were several characters chatting me up at the playground. I’m relatively open and must just have that look about me where random strangers approach me and talk my head off, but this one guy made me slightly nervous. So that plus the eeriness visuals made my vivid imagination run wild. And I agree the swamp looks like a creature is about to emerge. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I love the photos. They are scenes that I would’ve found interesting! The swamp and the house are my favorites. I probably wouldn’t have gotten too close to the house though, it reminds me of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. lol Most people don’t understand what I photograph and think it’s odd. Like showing a well known local Vampire Legend’s gravesite with sunlight shining directly down on it. I thought it was ironic and beautiful. My family? Not so much.

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    • Thank you! It’s nice to know that someone “gets” it. And I love how you put it — “ironic and beautiful.” EXACTLY!! And I agree on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For me it was so creepy, but I wanted to examine it more closely. But the closer I got, the more creeped out it made me. lol!

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