Moms of Boys Will Relate…and Likely Parents in General 

Hey folks! I’m still in summer mode, which means I can’t seem to keep a regular blogging schedule. 

But… I ran across this awesome post by one of my favorite bloggers, who also happens to be a clinical psychologist. Too bad she’s in Maryland and not Georgia or I’d plant my behind on her couch for therapy.

She’s also a mom to three boys, so you know her home life is never dull. 

Check out this hysterical post about her impromptu vacation striptease. I’m still laughing. You’re welcome.

I’ll be back soon! 
Are you reading any great blogs this summer? Let me know!

One thought on “Moms of Boys Will Relate…and Likely Parents in General 

  1. I just read it…..she was awesome! What a sacrifice…and I bet she would’ve saved the day had she been wearing a 2-piece, or even a Spanx bodysuit! 😉

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