Checking Off My To-Do List — Bloglovin’ and Facebook

I’m cleaning up everything. I’m also attempting to get a handle on my growing virtual clutter. This includes the tidying of this blog and other spaces. It will be a process but I’m going to keep on working at it.

A lot of you know that I don’t love all things social media. I think it might be that I have no filters and I chronically feel like I need to check things. The more social media accounts I have, the more checking there is to do. My brain is a flashing, dinging notification center.

But alas, we live in the world of social media, so I’m making peace with it. I’m freelancing more so I’ll be updating and consolidating my writing. Often when I feel overwhelmed, the trick to break me out of it is to just DO.

So…I finally put Grief Happens on Bloglovin’ — follow me over there if you’re into that sort of thing.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Oh, and here I am on Facebook. Join me there, too.

Okay, back to my physical clutter.

11 thoughts on “Checking Off My To-Do List — Bloglovin’ and Facebook

  1. I admire your resolve:). I have been tackling physical clutter, which I find easier to tame. The online clutter? Ugh. I feel like I could spend too many precious hours trying to corral it. I ignore a lot of it!

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  2. As I know you’ll understand, I’m trying to dial it down on social media! I don’t want another hiatus for a while, but I’m back to my wicked ways of spending too much time surfing it rather than focusing on book-related work.

    I don’t follow Bloglovin’, as I have more than enough to play with courtesy of WordPress, Instagram, Twitter & good, ‘ol Facebook! I’m very proud of you for freelancing more, and I’m impressed and inspired that you’re making peace with social media. It’s not easy to do, not one but, but if anyone can make peace with social networking and be successful with it, it’s you! 💕 😜

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    • Thank you. Well…it’s ongoing & I need to break free from some
      stress. FYI, just setting those two up today has me second-guessing my decision. I absorb energy on social media just as I do in my physical life. I *try*’to remind myself how this is a busy time of life & it won’t always be so crazy, but I’m spent and want to hibernate and write fiction. My brain is so tired from researching dyslexia. I loved your post on Angels. I’m resisting the urge to buy that book now. I have so many on my to-read list & your recommendation just moved
      to the top. 😘

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