Strattera Update Days 18-20

I’m nearing the end of my three week trial on Strattera. I began at 25mg and have now been taking 60mg for the past eleven days. Somewhere in here I skipped a day. I think it was when I tried taking it before bedtime. I didn’t notice much of difference, so I’ve gone back to taking it in the morning.

Overall focus: Definitely better. I am more decisive and I also think I’m calmer in general.

Downside: My appetite is dreadful, and I’ve lost a few pounds — not good. I also feel slightly depressed, though I think that has to do with life more so than solely the medication.

Sleep: It seems to have regulated. In the beginning I was waking up after four or five hours, but I’ve slept well the last few nights.

I’ve been extremely pensive and in my head for the last week. I’m trying to sort through some emotional stuff and trying to decide the best course of action in my marriage, but it seems this medication makes me a bit reclusive, almost antisocial. This is unusual for me. I feel a bit like an outsider observing instead of actively participating. It’s rather bizarre. Maybe this is a good thing. I thrive in social situations, but I can get very distracted and caught up in the social world of friends and acquaintances — I become so interested in what others are doing and in what makes them tick that I neglect my own life. Again, that damn lack of focus. I plan to fill my Adderall prescription next week so that I can compare the Strattera alone and then with the addition of a stimulant.

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