Strattera Update

Day 21 and beyond: 60mg, taken in the morning — on average, around 9am.

This will be my last medication update for a while. I found it a little difficult and personally unhelpful to post every day. Plus, it was just a tough commitment to keep with everything else going on. However, I’m very interested in dialogue about what has and hasn’t worked for others. So, if anyone reading this cares to discuss Strattera experiences or other ADD/ADHD meds, PLEASE comment or send me an email.

I’m just shy of a month on Strattera and overall, I do feel calmer and more focused. The change has been gradual and not as drastic as I prefer, but I’m hopeful. When I had my follow-up, my NP and I discussed the option of moving up to 80mgs. She left if up to me. I have a couple weeks of a trial pack left with the 80mg capsules, but I went ahead and filled my 60mg prescription. I plan to stick with the 60mg for a little longer.

As far as side-effects, I’m no longer experiencing nausea as long as I take my pill with food. I’ve been sleeping well, and I wake up fairly alert and refreshed.

If you’ve read my other updates, you probably remember that I also have a prescription for AdderallXR to be taken along with the Strattera. I originally waited on getting the Adderall filled because I wanted to see how I felt with only the Strattera. I took the prescription last week and decided to wait due to the cost of all these drugs. I have a high deductible insurance policy, and the Strattera alone was (big gulp!) $230. Thank God, I found a coupon online that completely covered this 30 day supply, but the Adderall was going to be another $100 plus. Geez Louise!! I really can’t afford $350 a month for medication. I decided to wait a bit on the Adderall and probably will until the first of the year. Most likely we’ll be changing our insurance and hopefully I’ll have some better options — of course, either way, it will be expensive because our premiums will increase. I really hate complaining about insurance as I have it WAY better than others, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay on this med long-term with these sort of out-of-pocket costs.

So, I’ve been exercising regularly for the last couple of weeks. When I first started the 60mgs, I was pretty fatigued, but that has improved. I’ve done yoga the last two days; yesterday, I went on a three mile bike ride, and I plan to be more consistent in December. Again, I have to strive for balance. I’m super active and between chasing my kids, walking my large hairy dogs, and putting adequate amounts of food in my mouth, that’s about all I can manage. My appetite is not good anyway, and it’s worse on the Strattera. I still check in with my therapist to keep my eating issues in check and she always asks me my weight. I have a number that I can’t drop below and if I do I have to supplement with shakes or meal bars. Since taking the Strattera, I’ve dipped below the number, but currently I’m hovering right around it. I need to gain 5-10 pounds, but my blood work is good, so I think as long as I can maintain I’m fine — maybe not ideal, according to those around me, but it’s the best I can do for now.

Anyone else have any experience with Strattera? I’d love to hear your experiences!