Titles Fail Me When Tragedy Strikes.

I’m trying to stay afloat this summer, keep up with my kids and their activities, my writing projects, and more, all while attempting to retain a shred of sanity in the process — both literally and figuratively.

BUT…I wanted to quickly pop in to say hello.

Meditation is going. Thanks to all of you who weighed in and encouraged me and shared your own stories and journeys in the mindfulness arena. I picked up a few new followers from that one post, which tells me that MANY of us are seeking and doing what we can to live in the moment and nourish our spirits. Welcome.

Even though I’m hardly meeting my goal of twenty minutes twice a day, I’m making a point to carve out SOME time each day to sit, breathe, and BE.

Friday and Saturday were busy with minimal social media time — a key, I’ve found, for my mental health and peace of mind. I do online detoxes occasionally. This weekend’s avoidance of the Internet wasn’t necessarily intentional; it just worked out that way. I finally logged onto Facebook mid-afternoon today and was heartbroken to learn of the nightclub shooting in Orlando.

I’m sad.




When will it end?

I’ll spare you my thoughts and opinions for now as I pause to honor the fallen and pray for the families who lost loved ones and for those who were injured.

Today I’m breathing in and out and expressing thanks that I am able to do so. Every day is a gift. Every breath is a gift.

Today I’m hugging my children tighter and choosing love over hate.

I’m thinking of friends and family members near and far.

I’m so thankful for this blogging community.

When the chaos of the world makes me feel hopeless and crumpled, I’m encouraged and uplifted by so many of you — people who share their souls through art.

There’s something about blogging and the community surrounding it that allows us to go deeper.

There’s depth and heart, two things I cherish with indescribable abundance.

It fuels me and cocoons me, offering protection from a terrifying and confusing world.

I hope wherever you are today and whatever is on your mind that you feel love and that your put love out into the universe in some way. Amidst senseless tragedy, it’s more necessary than ever.







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  1. Everything you wrote of the tragedy….so true.
    You are a bright light in this world, and I’m grateful for all that you give us, your readers. Thanks so much for reaching out to us today.

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