Soaking Up the Happy

Yesterday was good. I got out of my head and spent the entire day with my sweet, but oh-so-active boys.

I had been so fixated on my marriage issues and work and all the negativity that I had been a little detached. Sometimes we have to consciously force ourselves into the present — at least that’s the case for me.

My morning began when I heard my kids bouncing and playing happily at 6:15 — I know!! I managed to sleep with one eye open so to speak until around 7 when Wallace came in wailing that Piers had stabbed him in the heart and he was aching all over.

Fortunately after examining him for wounds, I discovered that he was “aching” from words, but don’t we all know that those can hurt WAY worse than physical injuries?

“Wallace, please just tell me what happened and maybe then I can help. I can’t understand anything when you’re screaming.”

“Piers said I couldn’t swim and that I have short legs. I just can’t handle this day!!”

Dude, I know how you feel. I suppose Piers was stating facts because he’s kind of at that literal stage, but I didn’t share that with Wallace.

“Buddy, I’m sorry that made you sad. You’re learning to swim, but think how much better you can swim than you could last year this time. As for your legs, well, they’re the ideal size for a five-year-old boy — shorter than mine and Dad’s and even Piers’ but they are perfect for you.”

That’s all I had in my pre-caffeinated state, but apparently it worked. He smiled sweetly and went back to whatever he had been playing.

Once I was up and moving, we had a quick breakfast and by 8, it was obvious that they needed outdoor time. I threw on some running clothes and dragged them with me. We ran/walked five laps in our neighborhood, which I thought would wear them out. It kind of wore me out but not those two. I was ready for a calm activity but they decided we should do five more laps on our bikes…so we did.

They didn’t seem remotely tired after the bike ride, but it wasn’t even 10 yet and they were “starving.” And, guess what I haven’t managed to do this week? Yep — grocery shop.

I quickly showered, loaded everyone up and headed to our local bakery — it’s inexpensive, casual, and all the food is made with fresh, local ingredients. We arrived just in time for lunch and it was still cool enough to sit outside. I am SO not a foody, but I had a spinach panini and a cup of gazpacho made with vine-ripe tomatoes and oh my goodness!! Heaven in my mouth.

I really thought after such an active morning that I could get them to nap. I mean, I was ready for a nap, but I had to get some work done, which by the way, I was a little unclear in my last post. I DO work part-time and have been since January. It’s all from home and occasionally I have to Skype in to meetings. It was working out famously as long as the kids were in school, but the past three weeks have been challenging to say the least. I can’t get in a rhythm and am never sure when to get my work done. I usually work around 30 hours a week. More on this later…suggestions on balancing working and parenting are welcomed!

Naps weren’t happening. Quiet time wasn’t happening so I turned on a Cosmic Yoga video on YouTube and returned to my desk with my fingers crossed. Gil began texting me — car issues that we’re trying to resolve. Somehow this turned into a lengthy discussion about Sunday’s big fight. Again…work got put off, and I’ll have to elaborate on the discussion another time.

You guys, I can’t figure it out, but my kids were especially hyper yesterday. I finally parked them in front of PBS which often has a sedating effect, but after about five minutes I heard thuds and realized they were jumping off the furniture. I went back in and turned on Just Dance on the Wii which kept them occupied long enough for me to do maybe 30 minutes of work.

Around 4:30 I gave it up.  We all put on our swimsuits and headed to our local water park. Again, Piers and Wallace — full on, wide open for an entire hour. I was expecting them to collapse seeing how we had had almost NO down time all day. We closed the place down, came home and I made peanut butter and jelly for dinner on that crappy loaf of bread I botched the day before. Whatever, they didn’t seem to mind. Bless their hearts. They have pretty low expectations for family meals with me as their mom.

Gil was still being assy and texted to let me know he was going to brew club and would be late.

Ask me if I gave a rat’s toenail? I did not.

I got everyone bathed and in bed by 8 and breathed an exhausted sigh of relief. What a day!

But you know what? It was exactly what I needed. I was too busy to dwell on the problems in my marriage, and even though the kids did not stop, they were SO pleasant and content and I LOVED spending the day with them.  And that, my friends, is something to be happy about!  I am truly blessed to be their mom.

Upon reflection, I realize that there is so much joy even in the midst of the ugly. The stuff with Gil will pass in one way or another. At this moment I have no idea what is going to happen, and for right now I’m okay with that. Crawling in bed and hiding under the covers isn’t really an option. I’m so thankful that I was able to stop and spend a fun, present day with my kids.

Peace, y’all. Snag those good moments and remember they are available in the midst of the pain. I’m glad I took the time to do just that yesterday.

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