Yay for a Better Week!

I recently shared that I’ve been having a rough go of things lately.

Thank you to all of you who read and especially to those who sent me kind words of encouragement. They mean more to me than you can possibly know.

I’ve had a much better week. I’ve been making a deliberate effort to get outside daily. I’ve been exercising a bit more. My children went back to school, and Gil has been going in to his office early and staying later. I know that sounds horrible, but I am the sort of human who thrives when I have adequate space and time with my thoughts. With all of us getting sick in uncooperative, spaced-out intervals, I was feeling a bit overloaded. Plus, I had several writing deadlines and I couldn’t seem to park it in my chair and type, and when I finally managed to get there, the cohesive thoughts escaped me.

I’ve done the minimum this week and finally feel as though I’m coming back. I’m trying to focus on gratitude and things that bring me joy and a little less on…the other. Oh, and tonight, once my children finally fall asleep, I’m going to eat the remaining half-cup of vanilla bean ice cream that’s hanging out in my freezer…and I’m going to enjoy it all without an ounce of guilt.

Here are a few snapshots from the week:


I went on a very cool field trip with my first-grader — a dolphin cruise! How cool is that? I snapped this shot just as we were leaving the dock, and then I got caught up in the river and the wildlife. We saw about ten or so dolphins, but they didn’t come that close to the boat – who could blame them with twenty jubilant seven-year-olds?


Here’s a somewhat crooked shot of a house I love on Tybee Island. I mean, how could you not be intrigued by a purple house with an inviting front porch? And check out that palm tree on the side that looks like a pineapple! I’ve admired this house from a playground that my kids and I frequent for a year or so, and I finally had a chance to examine it more closely.


Okay. WHO remembers this house? It’s the creepy horror picture house I stumbled onto back in late winter when I was on a trail run (that’s a lofty statement) with my kids. I was curious if it was occupied now that the weather is nice and tourists are rolling in. It’s not! The greenery makes it look slightly less eerie, but now I’m even more intrigued. This was as close as I could get & I only had my cell phone, but I couldn’t help but notice the swing hanging from the tree. What is the story behind this house?

I decided to go around and see if I could see more from the road and found this:


It’s hard to see in this pic, but there was a menacing sign instructing NO TRESPASSING. Actually, there were several signs. I would have attempted to move in and look closer, cause I’m a nosy rebel like that, but I’m feeling less-than-charming lately, and was doubting my ability to weasel my way out of any trouble. Plus, just to the left of this shot was house with the blinds up and a couple of cars in the driveway. For all I know, they were watching me as I attempted to get closer. It was spooky as hell, honestly. I plan to go back and ask around. It’s a beautiful old home, but the windows are all boarded up, and it’s rather out of place among all the other homes in the area. It reminds me of a house Gil’s mom rented for the weekend of Gil’s 40th birthday — except that one has been updated, cared for and is beautiful and welcoming. This one makes me feel sad. I want to see it returned to life.

I forgot to mention that these shots were taken AFTER some other beach pedestrians and I got kicked off a movie set. It’s never dull around here I tell ya. I need to figure out what movie they’re filming. I know the Baywatch movie is being filmed in the area, but apparently this is something else…or so the security guard who told me it was fine to use that particular beach access said. It was fine for about five feet until I was told to leave. Sigh.


Then yesterday the boys and I did some exploring, and they begged to go down to River Street. Watching the giant ships never gets old. It was such a lovely day. Savannah is beyond beautiful this time of year. I’m trying my best to enjoy it and not think about the inevitable heat that’s to come, bringing the itchy bugs along with it. I still love it when it’s hot, but it’s much easier to enjoy in the mid eighties with a nice breeze.

We grabbed a pizza at Vinnie Van Go Gos in City Market, and as always, I forgot that it’s cash only, so thankfully Gil was able to rescue us from his nearby office (naturally he was STILL there) and between the two of us we threw together enough cash and didn’t have to wash dishes.

Our server was fabulous — astutely observant Wallace commented, “She’s like a human canvas.” She had lots of tattoos. Wallace is mesmerized by body art. I’m preparing myself for the day he turns himself into a walking work of art.

I want to share more of what sent me into the dark spell a few weeks ago…but that will have to wait.

Tell me about your week, dear friends. I’m listening.



6 thoughts on “Yay for a Better Week!

  1. I absolutely loved this post & the pictures, and I totally want to know more about that Creepy House!!!!

    I’m ***+++thrilled+++*** you’re feeling better, lovely one!

    I’ve been dealing with my poor little girl sick Rilla. She has missed school the entire week due to walking pneumonia, “lovingly” given to her by her sister Avi who had all last week. Rilla’s condition is much worse than her sister’s was, so today isn’t so hot, but it was nice to read your post and forget about it for a bit.

    I want to know more about what triggered the dark spell, so please share with us if/when you’re up for it…

    In the meantime, sending you big hugs!

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    • Oh I definitely want to write about the dark spell — hopefully I can this weekend. Kids are at Grandma’s, something that NEVER happens. Thanks for the kind words and hope sweet Rilla feels better soon. Isn’t it nice that our kids share. :-/

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    • Thank you. I always feel better when I’m able to make time for myself. Glad you liked the pictures, and I agree on the purple house. If you ever make it to Tybee, it’s rentable. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you! Hope you are well. I am WAY behind with blog reading, but I look forward to catching up on yours soon, friend. And the ice cream was DIVINE — and it was more like half the container rather than half a cup. I still enjoyed every bit of it. πŸ™‚

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