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Hello, lovely readers!

I’m working on part 3 of the series on my spring downward spiral, funk, mini-depression. I’m still not sure what to call it. If you’re interested, here is part 1 and part 2.

I’m pretty much on the other side of it now and am trying to gain some insight/clarity and understanding as I go forward. I’m in this amazingly peaceful, creative space…so, on one hand, I’m not excited to dive back into the chaos/pain. At the same time, I feel strongly that I need to examine what happened, this series of events. I have this urge to deconstruct it and give it language so it doesn’t remain simply an ambiguous, painful thing residing deep inside of me.

In other news I’ve been enjoying CreativeLive and all things Chase Jarvis, thanks to Maggie Carlise — my friend and writing/creative partner at Live.Snap.Write. We have various projects/content in the works and will be back there posting more regularly in the soon-to-be-announced future.

If you are interested in the creative process and entrepreneurship and unique education opportunities, you’ll definitely want to check out the series 30 Days of Genius with host, Chase Jarvis. All the videos can be accessed on YouTube, and include an inspiring, eclectic group of guests. So far, I’ve watched interviews with:

Marie Forleo — life coach (and loads more — I just discovered her and can’t wait to devour her work. Just watch the interview. SOOO much good stuff there.)

LaVar Burton — actor, activist, and host of the acclaimed Reading Rainbow (okay, who loved that show as much as I did as a kid?)

Brené Brown — academic, researcher, story-teller, TED-talk speaker, writer, therapist, social worker (list goes on and on and I’m not sure how to best describe her.) I’ve read Brené’s three most popular books and they have been none other than life-altering — Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, and her most recent book, Rising Strong. It would take days to tell you everything I love about these books and the world-changing, consciousness-raising work of Brené Brown.

Richard Branson — I have been intrigued with this man since my days as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. Richard is probably THE most renowned entreprenuer today, and the founder of Virgin — they do so much it’s hard to know where to start.

Other guests include Tim Ferris, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Arianna Huffington and many many more. The series runs through the end of May at no cost, so check it. I’m so grateful to Maggie for telling me about it.

My crew and I are winding down a productive but long school year. The kids will be out for summer in less than two weeks. I think I’m ready. They are certainly pumped for summer break.  We’re already squeezing in beach days whenever possible. Here’s a photo I snapped with Gil’s phone on as we were leaving Tybee Island Friday evening — a scenic sunset over the marsh.



What’s new in your world?



5 thoughts on “Update, CreativeLive, Inspiration

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  2. Beautiful photo! Thanks for the lead about 30 Days of Genius!

    I just want to emphasize that the line: “I have this urge to deconstruct it and give it language so it doesn’t remain simply an ambiguous, painful thing residing deep inside of me.” is SO BEAUTIFULLY written – it really impressed me with its depth, and I read it several times.

    Glad to hear that projects are in the works and I’m excited too!
    Coming down with an evil cold, so I’ll bid you adieu.
    (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!!!)
    p.s. you rock!

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      • All I can say is thank you God for codeine! Well, that, and I’m so sorry – I hope you’re feeling better today, you poor sweet thang. You had enough going on with the boys getting sick – yikes!I hope you can take it easy this weekend – no marathons for you!! 💗

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