So Many Thoughts on a Steamy Friday…

If I ever get around to posting all the thoughts in my head and notes scribbled in my journal, I won’t know what to do with myself. 
It’s been a hectic few weeks as we prep for a new school year while moving boxes out of our old house as we get it ready for renters. 

I’m currently posting this from my yoga mat on the floor of said house as I simultaneously remind my children to pick up behind themselves. For the love of all that’s holy, dear ones! And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 10K times: TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES WHEN ENTERING THE HOUSE!
We’ll be leaving in a few minutes heading back to Savannah. 
I’m tired, but I’ve reached an age where I’m woefully aware of the hazards of wishing my life away. 

I’m trying to embrace life in all its forms, be it the rocking vacations, beautiful beaches, cityscapes, what have you, OR the ordinary. 

This summer my life has consisted of the latter, but that’s okay.
Here are a few shots (including a couple of painfully blurry ones 😩) that sum up life around here of late. Happy weekend! 

Swing Wars

Can we drink out of the fancy cups?

Everything tastes better in stemware according to Wallace

So over this moving jazz

I’m a minimalist…except when it comes to books

What’s new in your world? 

10 thoughts on “So Many Thoughts on a Steamy Friday…

  1. One step forward, 2.87569 steps back. I feel your packing pain – and mine was only for a trip. Good luck! Stay grounded on your mat 😉

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  2. Viv – I can’t tell you how much I relate to your brain. I mean, all of it. Every “wish I could/doingitall/doingtoomuch/whatiswrongwithme/kudosfortrying” bit. Yes, it’s ADHD (I believe that’s what you say you have… I’m sure I have it also) but let me encourage you that it’s also flexibility, honesty and vulnerability that make you such a real and honest person. Your kids are lucky to have you and we are lucky to read you. Keep it up.

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    • This was such a nice comment, Andrea. Thank you! Obviously, I’ve been a bit off my game with replying…since, hello, it’s October now, but I was scrolling back through some posts while doing some miscellaneous writing and stumbled across this. Your kind words mean so much. Hope you are well.


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