Strattera Update – Days 11-17

Strattera Update – Days 11-17 60mgs — I’ve been taking it in the morning. I tried a few days taking it at night hoping I’d sleep better, but it didn’t seem to make a difference, so I’m back to taking it in the morning.

Do I feel better? Good question. I can’t say there’s really anything life-altering going on in terms of feeling better or more focused on Strattera.

THE GOOD: I spent Saturday cleaning out my laundry room and master bedroom closet. I took two large bags to Goodwill. I do seem to be a bit more focused in terms of getting more done around the house, so I guess that’s good.

THE NOT SO GOOD: Sleep has been wretched. I go to sleep easily but wake between 2am and 5am most nights. I’m also having some stomach problems since I’ve been taking the Strattera. I’m not exactly constipated, but things aren’t moving like they normally do — enough said. Dry mouth, poor appetite. Overall I feel moody and depressed. I got my period yesterday morning, so I’m hoping some of my feelings were pms related. I’m very frustrated.

I have a follow-up tomorrow, and I don’t know what to tell her. Should I stay on the Strattera a bit longer? Should I switch to an antidepressant like Wellbutrin? These are all questions I wish someone could answer for me. This is why I detest taking medication. I might feel bad when I’m off everything, but at least it’s somewhat predictable. Caffeine wakes me up and alcohol takes the edge off. Exercise makes me feel better.

Any ADD experts interested in weighing in? I’m just fed up with meds that promise the world but don’t really work, and I’m sick of doctors and mental health professionals who look at me like I should tell them what I need. I understand partnering with the patient, but I feel unrealistic pressure to fix this myself. Sorry for the negativity, but it just is what it is.

One thought on “Strattera Update – Days 11-17

  1. Sorry you’re going through this. It ain’t easy that’s for sure. I’m going through menopause, still get PMS and PMDD, have MS and suffer from depression. It’s impossible to know which condition is causing the problem. Bottom line, everything is treatable, but it’s tricky. I’m currently taking 5 antidepressants while I try to get off one. It’s been a bit tough slogging through and I’m not done yet. All told it will probably take a year just to get me off one drug.

    You’re entitled to feel frustrate and tired of doctors and therapists, but remember they’re just people, and they can’t help someone who doesn’t help himself. There is no instant fix, only slow progress, and all the progress comes from within.


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