Back to Life; Back to Reality

The kids and I got in Sunday from a TEN day vacation.  It was all kinds of fabulous.

We began last weekend camping with Gil and six other couples in the mountains.  Then the boys and I stayed with our friends, Ani, Zip, and their girls for the week.  They welcomed us into their home that they literally JUST moved in to.

In my last post I discussed my latest struggles with anxiety.  Strangely, I had NONE whatsoever while I was away.  Though, there was a good bit of wine consumed.

The trip included LOTS of hiking.  Sometimes I underestimate my need for physical activity.  I did throw my knee out dancing my ass off to Proud Mary at a gathering that Ani’s mom insisted we attend.  I’m not sure those people knew what to make of our crew, but I had more fun than I’ve had in ages.

I haven’t really discussed my need for order on this blog, but I am borderline OCD when it comes to wanting my house clean and organized.  Interestingly enough, Zip and Ani’s house was utter chaos.  They just moved in.  The house is a rental and super-old, so it has that musty, lived-in scent.  They have two big dogs who just plain stink, especially with all the rainy weather.  

It DID NOT bother me.  Why is that?

I think I just need lots of adult interaction.  Ani and I had a blast together.  Perhaps I should live in a commune.  She and I both laughed at how much more manageable it was to prepare food together.  The four kids entertained themselves while she and I unpacked, cooked, cleaned, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

I chopped off my hair — something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I love it.  I haven’t had super-short hair since Piers was born nearly six years ago.  

On the drive up, Gil and I discussed me going back to work.  Apparently, he’s convinced all our marriage problems stem from my unhappiness as a stay-home mom.  I do believe there is SOME truth to this, but I think it’s naive on his part to attribute everything to my non-domesticity.

I’m not even focusing on our marriage right now.  I am considering returning to work.  I’m updating my resume and crossing my fingers that Wallace gets in to the Pre-K program where he’s on the waiting list.

Overall, vacation recharged me.  Since I’ve returned has everything been wonderful? 


As usual, my house is making me batty, and I want nothing more than to walk out the door.  It’s raining cats and dogs where I live, and I seriously need some sunshine.

My four year-old shoved mini Mardi Gras beads in his ear today, so we had to hoof it to the ER.  Fun times, I tell ya. I need some sunshine tomorrow.

I still haven’t gone to the doctor for anxiety meds.  For the moment, I’m good.

More to come…..

8 thoughts on “Back to Life; Back to Reality

  1. Awesome! We just got back from a week away also. We rented a beach house and invited my sister, her husband, and their two kids to join us. It’s just like you said, the preparation of meals and general cleanup was so much more manageable with four of us to do it (usually two to a task).

    The kids were great, because they had companions whom they don’t see every day…uninterrupted adult conversation was possible!

    Like you, I felt recharged upon returning. I knew it had been a good vacation, because about ten minutes into my first day back at work, I dropped a sarcastic remark. Then I realized that I had not said anything sarcastic all week while on vacation…there was no need.

    So glad everything went well for your family. Good luck with the job search…I’ll keep reading 🙂


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